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And So She Brings Hell To Earth. 45

After turning Fortis into a graveyard, Muerte decided to turn her forces loose on the world. The dragons would be first. She knew her power over them had increased since she took the underworld. In fact, she on longer needed the gods she held. She would let them rampage against the world to. Then free all the hell bound souls in the under world. But first the dragons.

In a cave not far from Castle Jorania. Fiero, Maxius and Arik slept with fitfull dreams of being attacked by dragons. They didnt understand why the couldnt just wake up. Dragons could control their dreams, but these were out of their control. All they could do was run and fight over and over again. What they didnt know was that Muerte sent the dreams. She showed then Rage and Valen hounding them. Jandar and Eheren sending spell after spell at them as they tried to get away. She give them nightmares to brainwash them into doing as she told them when she was ready. And that time was now.

In his dream Fiero heard her call. He and Arik had just fought off Blaze and Nautica, fire and ice. They had knocked the fire dragon out of the air to be recued by his water companion. They could hear him bellowing how they would find them again and destroy them.
As they topped the mountain, Valen came flying arounde the peak sending bolt after bolt at them. Fiero and Arik serarated, fiero going high and Arik low. Valen chased Fiero roaring at him. Fiero lured him toward the cave where Maxius was waiting for them. Shooting blast after blast behind him, Fiero flew as fast as he could. He saw Maxius waiting in the water keeping low so the enemy wouldnt see him. He dipped lower as he passed over the lake. Valen followed close. As they reached the deepest part of the lake, Maxius sent a blast of hard water onto the air. It hit valen and knocked him into the water. Turning back, Fiero came in and picked up Maxius then pushed himself to gain altittude to join Arik in the heights.
[ Brothers. I need you. Come to me.]
[ She calls.] Arik sent as a stab of pain entered his head. {ARRGGGHHHH!!!]]
The pain was so intense, Arik almost fell from the sky.
[ Hold on, Brother!] Fiero sent. { Shes not far away. Fly with me. The dragons no longer chase us, we can make it to her now.]
Muerte followed them in their dream. She planned to wake them, but she didnt want them to know know the difference between their dreams and their time awake. Their cave was over the ridge beyond the lake. Muerte sent them back to the cave showing them Valen flying off in the opossite direction. In Fiero's mind he drowned. Something about that seemed strange to him. But he and his brothers did as they were told and landed back at the cave. Inside the bronze dragoness waited for them. In their minds she planted a subtle command to wake. Fiero opened his eyes and shook hisa head. In his mind, they had just walked back into the cave. Somewhere out there, Valen was searching for them to kill them.
He stood and walked to the entrance. He looked out at the skies, he wanted to fly. But his enemy was up there somewhere? The thought was so strange to him. He had enemies? No, she had enemies. In his mind he saw scenes of Valen and the others attacking them. Why? What did they want?
[ To destroy us.] She sent. [ They have been trying for years to kill us. Dont you remember?]
Fiero and the others minds spun. They were so confused. They knew dragons didnt fight each other. But they couldnt explain what was going on. All they knew was that this beautiful dragoness needed their help. But help with what? Everytime they tried to remember, pain stabbed into their minds so they stoppede trying and just followed. Still, Fiero knew, something was not right.
[ I agree with you Fiero.] She sent as she caressed his mind. [ I want all the fighting to stop. But they will never stop chasing me, not until i am dead. And im tired of it all. Maybe I should sacrifice myself. Give myself to them so they can kill me and get it over with.]
She walked to the cave entrance and looked back at them,
[ No.] Arik called to her. [ we can protect you.]
[ But for how long?] She asked.
[ As long as it take.l] Maxius said. Pain ripped into his mind. He fell to the ground in human form rollong in pain.
[We are under attack!!]
Fiero ran to Maxius side and held him in his arms. Sweat ran down his face as he convolsed in pain. No one noticed the smile on Muertes face through her disguise.
Arik rushed out of the cave and scanned the skies. There was no one there.
[ No one attacks us brother.]
[ Its his magic attacking us.] She told them. [ The large one you fought earlier. We have to destroy them. Kill them all. Its the only way we can be safe.]
As she spoke, she sent pain into all of their minds. She fell to the ground, faking her own pain and watched them struggle and scream. Minutes later she stopped the pain and got to her feet. Still in the guise of a dragon, she helped Fiero to his feet.
[ We have to stop this or they will kill us.] She looked in his eyes. [ Take your brothers and attack Yadessa. They will come. Kill everyone you see. Show no mercy.]
[ We cant do that.] Fiero told her. { The people there are innocent.]
[ NO ONES INNOCENT!!} She screammed. { You'll see, their all monsters. Go before they attack again.]
Confused, Fiero didnt know what to do. But it hurt so much to think he followed her orders. The dragons left the cave and took to the air, Maxius riding on Ariks back. They were on their way to do something that went against all their instincts. They were going to attack. Muerte walked outside and watched them fly off. Everything was working out prefectly. She threw back her head and laughed. No one could stop her now.
With the dragons on their way, Muerte knew she had to move on to her next task. Freeing the trapped gods she captured and releasing all the souls from the underground. She planned to bring all of her powers to bare against the world, no one would survive.
All around her,the ground began to shake and rumble.The skies grew dark and cold. Fissures opened and steam seeped from the ground as they emerged to answer her call. Dirod's eyes were red with anger for being trapped by her. In his hand he held his weapon, his hammer with its long handle. He wanted to rush down and bring it down on her head, but he knew he couldnt. he was totally in her control. Kearn's terrible cold eminated out from her and frost covered the surrounding area. The great bat Cressca came forth next. He sreamed out his hunger. He hadnt eatten since his capture and his hunger drove him mad. The last to emerge was Antilles the Beast. Not a god but powerful and savege. he had been a powerful mage in his day and had angered Rimnar and been cursed into a mindless beast. Rimnar had turned him into a great man beast able to rip down trees withj a single swipe of his massive clawed hand. He was covered head to toes with dirty brown fur and his mouth was fill with sharp teeth.
" You called death goddess?" Dirod thundered.
" Yes." She said. " Im freeing you all to ravage the earth. Bring down mountains and tear up the lands until the dragons come to stop you. Then I want you to destroy them. Do you understand?"
" We understand Muerte." Kearn said. "And will obey."
" You better." She told them. " Destroy eveything."
" No go and do your worst."
Into the sky flew Kearn and Cressca, on their way to follow their masters orders. Dirod sank back into the ground and Antilles bolted off in a run. Muerte smiled, It was time to watch the carnage.

High in a tower Balthazar positioned a guard to watch the horizon for anything strange. From up there he could scan all around the castle, he could see far out into Yadessa. Nothing could escape his notice. As he looked out, he saw two figures flying towards him. He strained his eyes to see it. it was to big to be birds. What else could it be? As he watched they came closer and closer until he recognized what they were. Dragons, and they were heading toward Yadessa. Quickly he open the hatch and made his way down the ladder to the top floor. He had to warn Balthazar of the coming dragons.Down he ran, passing guards and servants wondering where he was going. Finally he reached the door to Balthazars quarters. as he reached out to knock on the door, the castle was rocked by some kind of blast that shook the floors. Falling against the doors, the guard righted himself as the door flew open. There he stood face to face with his lord Balthazar.
" What goes on here?" Balthazar yelled at him.
" Sire, we are under attack by dragons."
" Damn them!!" Balthazar stormed out to the balcony as Fiero flew by sending a stream of flame into the courtyard. As Fiero rose up, he left five burned guards lying on the pavement. The second he saw them, Balthazar knew this wasnt the work of Rage and his clan. These were different dragons. Much older then the Keanna dragons. Quickly he called for his mages and told his guards to man the catapults on the castle walls.
[Tanis!!} He sent out and waited for an answer. A few minutes passed as he watched the three dragons send their elemental destriction down on Yadessa. From his castle he watched the people run from their houses into the streets and into the their deaths.
[ Father] Tanis answered. [ What do you want?]
[ Yadessa is being attacked by dragons! Tell Rage and Valkar we need help!]
[ I will give them your message.]

Meeting in Jorania. 44

The night before there meeting at Jorania, Rage had Pelic send his shadow beast in to scout the land. They were to look for anything unusual. But what do you call unusual in a town that Muerte once made her home in? Jorania was crawling with vampires after she had left. But once Jayce and the shadows found out, they came in and cleared them all out. That didnt leave very many people. Not enough to even be a village so everyone packed their things and left Jorania. Jayce and the shadows help them move on to neighboring town. So Altoria was now empty. After their search the shadow beast repoted back to Pelic that Jorania was still deserted. The next morning they gathered at the gate to leave.
" Arturus, Im leaving you in charge." Valkar told him. " Make sure the wall is alway manned. And that the Nightwalker patrols report in. Your going to have to question them carefully, sometimes they do realize what theor seeing. We will always be in contact. If you cant get us, ask Athene or a dragon to try. If anything impotant comes up, call us."
" Arturus, a few of my people may show up." Rage said." Send them after us, its important."
" Dont worry." Arturus told them. " The towns in good hands, Go."

Out on the road, Jandar and Rage told Valkar about Jayces report from the southlands.
" They never saw anything out there did they?" Valkae asked.
" No,not a thing." Jandar told him as the walked.
" Any ideas?"
" Just one." Rage said. " Muerte, It has to be her."
" Passing out her gift to the masses." Jandar nodded."
" What are we going to do about her" Valkar asked.
" I dont know." Rage said. " nLets take one thing at a time. Bathalazar now. He's going to ask to join us against Muerte."
" But thats not his real plan, im sure." Jandar said. " He wants us to fight her, and if we get lucky and defeat her, Im sure he thinks we'll be weakened from the battle. "
" Thats when he'll make his move." Valkar said. " When were exhausted and tired. He'll hold back some of his forces for just the right moment. Good plan."
Azeal walked out from the back and joined them.
" Told you not to trust him. "He said bas he passed.
" Thank you my Prince!" Valkar yelled
[Jandar, Rage!]
[ Aramis?] Jandar called. { Where are you?"
[ On my way to Prafa.]
[ We have to talk.]Rage said.
[ Shall I meet you in Jorania?]
[ Rage] A new voice joined them.{ This is Valen. I have a need for Aramis and his brothers. Its important.]
[ More important then Muerte?] Jandar asked.
[ Its related and important to them.] He said. { We'll meet you back in Prafa if thats in agreement with you.]
[ As you wish Valen.] Rage sent. [ Just hurry.]
[ I will meet you in Prafa Aramis.]
[ We will be there in a moment.]

Noon approached and all was calm in Prafa. Angela sat and got to know Tanis and Athene. They told her all about the things that happened in their lives. Tanis told her about his intense training at his fathers orders. He told of the beattings when he fail and how when he succeeded his father didnt even notice. she apologizeed and hugged him. Then athene told her of the people that raised her and how father killed them and how uncle saved her. She told of how Balthazar hunted her for years giving them no peace. How they were always moving to keep from being caught. Together they cried and held each other and promised to make things better for each other. Angela promised to never leave them again. Arturus watch his family and was proud of them.
on the wall, Eheren and Cutter walked and talked about magic and their life as dragons. Cutter told him about his and Sevens life in Eventide. He talked about the trees and his managerie of pets. Polen and his black Armors burned his home and killed his father and brother. Eheren told him about his life before meeting Shine and merging with him. He told about the death of his family at the hands of the nightwalkers and how lucky he was to be merged with Shine.
All of a sudden the both looked up. Something was coming. They stared at the sky looking to find the intruder. Them a warm feeling touched them. It was Valen the first dragon, followed by Jade. They spiraled down from up high and came down to land in the courtyard. Eheren and Cutter came down off the wall to greet them.
" Its an honor to meet you Valen." Eheren shook his hand. " This is Cutter. What can we do for you?"
" Im here to meet Aramis and his brothers." He told them. " Have you seen them?"
" No, we havnt." Cutter answered.
Suddenly the wind began to swirl and a dust cloud kicked up. Cutter and Eheren covered there eyes as dust flew everywhere. As the dust cleared, Aramis stood there with his brothers.
" There you are." Valen walked over to them. " I have something urgent to tell you. Come with me."
Valen took them off to the side away from everyone else. Atol and Jax wondered what this was all about.
" Theres been a disturbance in the heavens." Valen told them. " Your sister Rhee came to warn me.
[ Rhee?] Jax grabbed him by the shoulder. { What has happened?]
[ Muerte attacked Fortis, the Cloud City.] He said. [ You need to go back and see what happened.]
[ Brothers, we have to go now!] Jax pulled then away.
[ Tell Jandar and Rage we will return.] Aramis called back. Like stars the four gods streaked up from the ground and into the sky. A trail of sparkling dust trailing behind them.

Down in the underworld, everything was in turmoil. No one knew just what Muerte wanted of them. But many were ready to serve her. Those were the ones sent here for punishment. For those that were at peace before, things were different. Muerte had said only those that sided with her would be safe. But some there were proud noble people, heroes. They wouldnt side with her in no way. These people were being led by Azeal Tyr. Quietly he gathered forces. He found many of his old comrades for the old days and convinced them it was time to fight again.
" Brothers, Its up to us again to fight for our freedom. And our ancesters. We know Muerte plans to kill all our families that we left behind. We have to help them if we want the world to go on."
" What are we to do?" Asked one of his generals. " She's the god of the underworld since she defeated Nestor."
" We keep everyone here." Azeal said. " Shes going to send an army out into the world to help her kill all the people. We hold the gates and let no one out. She cant do this all herself."
" How?" Someone called out.
" By force." Azeal told them. " She may get some out, but if we fill the entrance with our forces, our allies in the world will have that much less to deal with."
" But what of us?"
" Some of you gave your lives fighting with me to save our people once before. Can you do less now? Azeal asked. " Your still fighting to save our people, but now its more then just werewolves. Its the whole world were protecting that needs our help."
Azeal looked around at the spirits asembled there. They were frightened for their very souls. But they were warriors too. And today was a good day to die, again. A cheer went up as they let him know they would fight.
" Gather weapons." Azeal told them. " Kolos and Petra, I want the two of you watching the entrance. I want to know when she returns. The rest of you look for more to aid us, there were many being punished that will seek her favor. Now go!"

High noon was on them by the time they reached Castle Jorania. Valkar held them at the gate before they went in. He wanted the castle checked before they went any further.
" Pelic.' He called. From the air the shadow man sailed down to him and like a spectre floated in front of him.
" Their on there way already." He said.
" Good."
Jorania castle waa completely deserted, and lit by day, but there were plenty of shadow for them to use. Pelic had ordered them to search only, so when the found Balthazar and his men they reported back. There were only five of them in the front hall waiting.
" Pelic stay out here and watch." Valkar told him. "Balthazar may have a surprize in store for us."
" I'll be watching from the tower." He spread his cloak and flew up to his perch to keep watch.
" Lets go." Valkar and the others pushed open the gate and walked in. The front courtyard was wide and spotted with items left behind by the people when they left. Broken carriages, used wheel barrows, chest of clothing that wouldnt fit in over stuffed wagons. They moved around these things and up the steps to the castle proper. The doors were open before them and Valkar went to take a step in when Rage stopped him.
" Let us go in first." He said with his hand on his shoulder.[ And dont let him know, we already know about Muerte. Act surprized.]
" I agree" Valkar told him. " And we go in together. A trap for you ,is a trap for me,friend."
" Come on." A voice called. " Theres no trap."
Jandar, Rage and Valkar looked at each other. That had to be Balthazar.
" Azeal, Stay at the door."
" No father!" Azeal rushed to his fathers side. " Im going with you."
" Protect the exit my son." Valkar looked him in the eyes. " Do this for me, please."
" Yes my king." Azeal smiled and moved back to the door. Together the rest moved into the foyer of the castle. No longer were there rich tapestrys on the walls or expensive furniture. Everything was gone now. All that was left was a single table, and thats where they found Balthazar Gaelich waiting. A chair had been brought for him to sit in.
" Greetings." He smiled showing his fangs. "I Trust your trap was pleasent?"
With Balthazar stood five enhanced nightwalkers. They were all taller and more massive then Valkars group and dressed in some kind of dark armor. They were all pretty horrifying to look at. He obvisioly been experimenting again on his guards.
" You called for this meeting." Valkar said. " What do you want?"
" Bow before your king!!" One said as he stepped forward sword in hand.
Jandar, Rage and Sting moved in front of Valkar to protect him.
" If he takes one more step." Rage said his eyes blazing and smoke coming from his nostrals. " I'll incinerate him."
" Get back!" He commanded. Lowering his head, the nightwalker did as he was told.
" I come under a truce." Balthazar told them. " We have something thats more urgent then fighting over Yadessa."
" And that would be?"
" I think you know of Muerte." Balthazr folded his arms and leaned forward.
" Im sorry." Valkar looked puzzled. " Who?"
" Muerte is the goddess of death." He said. " She was my patron goddess, the one that started all this fighting. She aided me in ousting you from Yadessa. And now shes gone rather mad."
" So your rebelling against your mad goddess now?" Jandar looked annoyed, " If we wait, she'll take care of our problem, wont she.
" She is the problem." Balthazar stood up. "She plans to kill us all. Me, you, everybody in the world. I cant stop her. But together I think we all can."
" And we're to believe you." Valkar moved to the table. " Can you prove any of this?"
" Look to the south, She's already started her purge." He said. " But we need to act fast before she makes her way here to our lands. You dragons are suppose to protect. Will you wait until its to late to act?"
" Give us a few hours." Valkar told him. " If your story is true, we'll contact you."
Valkar turned to leave. Jandar Rage and sting followed him out.
" Hurry." Balthazar called after them. " We may not have much time."

As they approached the Fortis, Aramis and his brothers noticed the city usual bright shining city was covered in gray ominous clouds. They streaked in to the lower levels of the city and saw the devastion. All around them the saw torn down marble. All the temples were destroyed. These were the homes of lesser gods. Hurrying to the next level they foud their first casuality. The lovely Liset. They found her lying outside of her home. She was dead. Jax ran to her and took her in his arms. His tears fell on her grat ashen face. He looked up at Aramis.
[ How could she?] He cried. { She was so gentle and innocent.]
" We have to go higher." Atol said. " Mother and father.!!"
[ Im stay with Liset for a few minutes.] He sat with her in his lap. {Look, her garden id dead.]
All around them the noticed death, all the trees and flowers, there were no birds like there normally would be. Nothing lived here anymore
" We'll come back after we check fathers palace." Aramis said. " Stay here Jax. Right here."
Together, Aramis and Atol ran up the staircase for the next level, Things there were just as bad. There was no life. They pasted many manses torn down in shambles and found many dead. The sight of all the dead sicken them. They could only hope the top level had faired better. After passing Clara, the goddess of music's manse they came to the golden stairway to the top level. Atol was almost afraid to go on. He wasnt sure he wanted to see what he expected to see. But Aramis urged him on. At the top of the stairs they saw smlke rising from Alees manse.
" My home burns!!" Alee shouted as he started to run. Aramis grabbed him to stop him
" Theres nothing to do. brother." he said as he looked toward their fathers palace. No smoke bellowed from there. But the godly glow wasnt shining anymore.
" Come on!" Atol shouted.
As they ran they saw something in their path. It was a body. Atol stopped. He saw that jet black hair and the platiunm armor and knew exactly who it was. The goddess of war.
" SERINA!!!" He screamed and ran to her. " No, no, no, no."
He sank to the ground and held her lifeless body as he cried. Pushing the hair from her face he bent down to kiss her cheek. Then a thought came to him and he looked up to Aramis. Tears streaked his face as he tried to find the words.
" Im sorry Atol." He said. " But I cant. Reviving a god is beyond my powers. Maybe father can fix this."
" If there still alive you meam." Alee said.
" DONT SAY THAT!!" Aramis grabbed the front of his shirt. "THERE ALIVE!! YOU HEAR ME!!"
" Yes, Calm down Aramis." Alee hugged him. " Im sorry, I didnt mean that. They fine. But lets go prove it."
" Im staying with her." Atol said. " You go find mother and father."

At the top of the place called Fortis stood Rimnar's palace. The wide double doors were open and the guards were laying in front dead. Aramis and Alee walked oast them and into the palace. The palace was torn apart like the rest of the manses of Fortis. There was nothing left of the entry hall but rubble ans debrie. They walked to the doors to fathers hall and pushed them open. Something heavy was holding the door closed. Together they pushed on it and shoved it open. Behind the door lay Jorak the god hunting . Aramis walked in and looked at all the carnage. The room was filled with the household of Rimnar and Saila. All the gods they had taken care of there family needs in years past. Franticly they search the palace for they parent. They looked everywhere but found nothing. Neither one of them knew what there absence meant. But they were way beyond angry now. She would pay for this they thought as they left the palace
After leaving the palace they found Atol where they left him. They gathered Jax and all the dead and layed them in the palace. Fortis the home of the gods was gone. Destroyed by Muerte. Together they stood outside the palace and clsed the doors.


With those words they took off into the sky as Fortis began to burn. Brighter and brighter until like a everlasting star, it shined its light down.The only thing left was Rimnar's palace. That only he could destroy. As the left they heard something.
" Mother?" Jax called out. He had his voice back again.
And her voice faded away