Saturday, August 21, 2010

As the Mountain Rumbles. 52

High over the Durmista mountains Rage and Denner flew on there search for the first dragon Valen. He would be the key to stopping the rampage his brothers were on. They had decimated Vasag and left it in ruins. Jandar and Rage didn't want to fight them if they could avoid it, but if they moved on another city, they would have no choice. As they flew, Jandar and Rage opened up all there magical senses to try and locate any traces of the ancient dragon.
" Anything yet?" Dreik called from Denners back.
" Nothing." Jandar said." This may be harder then we thought. Maybe we should have brought Cutter along, his senses could help."
[ No love.] Rage sent. [ Your magical senses are the best. Just open up to dragon magic, you can do this. You touched the dragonspirit and became attuned to it. You should be able to find any dragon in the world now.]
" Its not working." Jandar told him. " I don't feel anything."
[ Then perhaps you need to take your dragon form again.]
Dreiks mouth dropped open in shock. He didn't know Jandar had found his dragon form.
" When?"
[ Not now Gaia, he must concentrate.] Rage told the earth dragon. [ You did it before, you can do it anytime you want. Just reach in to find the dragon in you. Its there, you know it is.]
Jandar closed his eyes and looked into his own being. He found the heart of his magic but had to go even deeper. There!! He reached for a shining symbol that resemble the dragonspirit and grabbed for it.
[ That's it love, now change!]
Jandars eyes flashed multi colors as his body began to change. It took on the silver scaled hue as his feathered wings and tail grew. He launched himself off Rages back and roared. A white flame blow from his muzzle. He flew close to Rage and nuzzled him.
[What a handsome dragon you are.] Rage sent. [What powers were you granted in this form?][ Its a magical flame] Jandar said [ Like what ever spell I want to use at the time.]
[ Try now to find Valen.] Denner said. Flying next to Rage, Jandar closed his eyes and reached out with his dragon senses. He spread out his mind all over acres of land and all over the mountains. suddenly a draginspirit flashed in his mind. actually it was two spirits, o9ne male and the other female.
[ Found them!!] He sent the others.
[ Where?] Rage asked.
[ Over the ridge there in a cave on the north side.] Jandar put on some speed took off in that direction.
[ Follow me!]
" Look at his speed!" Dreik whistled as he watched Jandar fly.
[ Hurry Denner, we have to catch him!]
With that Rage and Denner took off after Jandar. Over the ridge Jandar began his search for the cave. He remembered landmarks from his vision and spotted an opening in the cliffs. As the others caught up he dived towards the gap in the cliffs. It was a wide area able to fit there dragon bodies with plenty of space. With Jandar in the lead they made the way forward sailing easily. Ahead of them they found a ledge big enough to support them. Folding his wings Jandar dropped and landed then shifted back to human. Rage and Denner followed right behind him. Once Denner was on the ledge, Dreik climbed down as Denner and Rage shifted.
" I can smell them now." Dreik said.
As Rage and Denner joined Jandar and Dreik, Jandar summoned his staff and tapped the jeweled wolf head light the head. Together the four dragons entered the cave. The trail ahead descended into the mountain. This was an old cave that few had ever entered . Webs hung high and dust flew into the air as the kicked it up from the floor.
" How far down do mwe have to go?" Denner asked.
" Theres a chamber just ahead." Dreik said. " Ive mapped out the whole system already. This cave could be useful to us sometime. Theres a lot of rooms down here."
" Right now, all we need is to find Valen." Rage said. " You can mine later if you want."
" Not a bad idea." Dreik said touching the walls..
" It was a joke Brother." Rage smirked it him
" I know."
It didn't take long for them to reach the chamber. As they stepped in they looked around. It was about 75 yards long with a high ceiling. There was room for them to fly it was so big. All together they walked into the chamber in awe of its size eyes scanning all around.
" Can you believe this!" Dreik said moving further into the arena sized cave looking around. " We have to find a use for this place."
" Gaia!" Rage called to him. " Quiet! We're not alone here."
Dreik spin around and looked further into the darkness. He saw two sets of glowing reptilian eyes shining back at him. Slowly Rage walked forward with his hands out showing he carried no weapons. As he got closer they're image became clearer. There was two dragons there. A green one and a much larger gold dragon. They had found Valen and Jade. Bit something was wrong. Neither of them seemed to move. It wasn't sleep, any dragon could tell when another slept. They could still contact them in there sleep if it was necessary. This wasn't death either. They walked around the two dragons hoping to somehow wake them.
" Jandar." Denner said. " What is this? Whats wrong with them?"
" Magic, what else."
Jandar made his staff long like a lance and held it over Valen's head. That staff flashed into life and sent a burst of power back at Jandar blasting him off his feet and to the ground.
Rage rushed to his side. Jandar sat up and shook his head. Rage checked him up for any injury's.
" Are you alright?" He asked.
" I'm fine." He said as Rage helped him up. " I won't do that again."
" What happened.?" Rage asked.
" Magical feedback." Jandar told them dusting himself off. " As I used my magic to probe them, it was multiplied and sent back at me. Very power spell."
" You learn anything?" Denner asked.
" Yeah, not to try that again." Jandar said. "Other then that, all I learned is that someone very powerful is behind this. I think its a Gannon spell.
" Great." Rage said. " That means we have to get Kalin out here. And that's going to take time."
" Not really." Jandar said. " I can go get him and be back in a few minutes. Teleport, remember?"
" Yes love." Rage said. " We'll wait here. Check on Shayn and Ono and get right back."
Jandar walked over to Rage and put his arms around him and kissed him. Rage smiled back.
" Stop worrying about them, they have everything in hand."
" I hope so"
" I'll be right back." He raised his staff and mumbled a spell and disappeared in a flash of light."

It was late in the afternoon when the gate sentry's reported seeing Ariel flying towards New Keanna. Both Shayn and Ono came out to meet her. She was bring guest. The two kids of Relos. As She landed in the courtyard Shayn and Ono walked out to meet her. Will and Beth climbed down from her back and she made her shift to her elf form.
" I talked to my father in Tir Na." Ono said. " Toric is right, Pelis is gone."
" Now?" She asked.
" He doesn't know." Ono shrugged. " There's no sign of tampering on his cage. its like he just disappeared."
" Muerte." Shayn said. " Who else?"
" This is Will and Beth." Ariel introduced the two kids. " Last survivors of Relos."
"Welcome both of you." Shayn said smiling. " We're glad your here. And we're sorry about Relos and your friends and family."
Beth burst out in tears at the mention of that. Will hugged her to him.
" Rose!" Ono called out.
Sitting in front of the schoolhouse, Rose looked up then handed the book she was reading to the class to Tess so she could finish the story and came over. She has been told they were coming and had prepared rooms for them to stay in.
" Will, this is Rose." Ariel said. " Shes going to get you all settled here."
" Your going back to Relos?" he asked.
" Yes."
" Promise me you'll kill that thing." he said.
" You don't have to worry about it any more." Ono said.
" I'm not a kid." he told them. " I'm almost as old as both of you. Just promise or I'll run away and go after it myself."
" Will." Shayn said. " We can't promise to kill it, but its a dangerous beast with a mind for revenge. Its killed a lot of people, and I do promise we will take care of it."
" I guess that will have to do." He said. " Come on Beth, I know your tired."
" I'll keep a watch on them." Rose said as they turned away and headed to the Manor.
" Ono, Toric says hes different, More powerful"
" Who?" They heard from behind them.
They turned to find Jandar behind them smiling
" Who's more powerful?" He asked.
Shayn and Ono Jumped on him and hugged him. " We're so glad your back." Ono said.
" I'm not. I just came for Kalin. We need him and Texa." Jandar said as they released him. " Who's more powerful?"
" The thing that destroyed Relos is Pelis the Collector." Shayn said.
" And Cressca's loose to I hear?" Jandar through up his hands. " Is she gonna bring back Polan to? That would be all we need!"
"Its under control brother." Ono assured him. " We have people after both of them and Shayn will know if anything else happens."
" What do you mean by that?" Jandar asked.
Ono and Shayn looked at each other.
" There's no time for all this." Shayn said. " You have to get Kalin and get back. We'll tell you everything when there's time."
Jandar looked at they're two youngest members. They seemed to have everything under control. All he could do is trust that if they need help they'll call. He had something to do.
" When I have a minute, I want to hear everything." He said. " And Rage will to."
From the Manor Kalin and Texa came walking towards them.
" You called us?" Kalin said.
" Take my hand."
Hand in hand Jandar again said his teleporting spell and they vanished.
[ Don't forget.] They heard in there minds after Jandar had gone. Pulling Shayn to him and placing his arm around his waist, they walked back to the Manor.
" Don't worry my prince." Ono said. " They'll be proud of us."

Deep in the forest near Relos, Jayce, Graym, Pelic and Toric pushed there way in trying to find a way to get to Pelis unnoticed. But that would be impossible for Pelis saw through every wild things eyes in the forest . He saw them making there way towards him and he knew exactly who they were. As soon as Toric entered Relos. Pelis knew he was there. He wanted revenge on them. Especially Toric for not following him. For not freeing him from his prison. For not becoming a Collector and getting revenge for him. Furious he smashed a tree with his massive fist and watched the animals scatter. As he watched an idea came to him. He could use Toric to get his revenge on Jandar and the rest of his people. After that Muerte would make him human again and he could reclaim Kara and take his place next to Muerte to rule the land.

As Toric walked through the forest, He could feel his fathers presence all around him. Not in any one direction that's what bothered him most. He couldn't pin point where Pelis was. He could attack him at any moment and he wouldn't have time to defend himself. He wished Ariel was back, she gave him such confidence and calmed his mind so. He knew together they could stop Pelis, but alone he had doubts. That's how his father always affected him. He made him unsure of himself. All those years of abuse he, his mother and sister took from him. Well it ends here and now. He made up his mind that his father would not make him doubt himself any more. He would catch him and put him back in the cell he belonged in no matter matter.
[ Is that what you think? ] Toric heard in his mind. The voice surprised him. It was Pelis. Nothing had change from his mind touch except the feel of more power.
[ Yes, that's how we feel.] Toric sent back, [ Not just me, but mom and Tess to. Leave Relos and never bother us again and I'll leave you alone with your power. And I'll get Jandar to leave you alone to. Live in peace and we won't hunt you down like you deserve.]
Toric didn't know what he meant, but he knew it meant trouble for all of them. He settled down and concentrated on Pelis's mind. Where was he? On he walked pushing through brush and foliage. A strange smell came to him. It was a wild smell. Like wet fur. It could be him. Toric summoned a power ball to his hand. He held it as he broke through a wall of bushes and fell in to a deep pit. The last thing he remembered was blue sky and the sound of his fathers laughter as he slipped into unconsciousness.

High over Relos, Ariel felt Torics torment as he talked with his father. She couldn't tell what was said, but she could read his emotions. And he was upset. She quickened her flight flying faster to get to him. Suddenly his mind went dark and he was gone. She roared out in frustration then called to Jayce.
[ Jayce, somethings happened to Toric.]
[ What?] He sent. [ How do you know?]
[ I can't feel him anymore.] She said. [ You have to find him now!]
[ Calm down Ariel, We'll find him. You hurry back.]
[ I'm almost there..] She said spiraling down towards Relos. She landed and shifted as she ran for the forest. Ariel wasn't sure how she was going to find him with him unconscious. She called again to Jayce.
[ I'm in the forest looking for him now.]
[ Good.] He said. [ I'll send Graym up high. Pelic and I will stay on the ground. We'll find him Ariel.]
[ We better,]
Darkness filled the sky as Toric opened his eyes and woke up. He sat up and looked around to find himself in a deep pit. He sat up and shook his head to clear away the cobwebs in his mind then looked for a way out.
[ You won't be getting out anytime soon.]
Toric looked up on the edge of the pit and saw a huge beast kneeling there sneering at him. Being a Collector, Toric knew all about animals and other species, but this was something he'd never seen before. Much taller then a man with fore paws not feet so it must move fast. Bear like claws that looked sharp and able to rip and render someone easily. And those eyes, Toric could see there was intelligence there, and not animal intelligence. Something more blazed there. It snarled at him. This was his father. He knew it. This beast was Pelis Norstin. It roared out its rage at him.
[ Yes, its me.] It sent. [ Your father.]
Toric stepped back from the edge and tried to summon his powers to his fingers to send it the beast. Nothing happened. He didn't feel the tingling in his hands that let him know his power was ready to use. He looked at his hands.
[ Your powers are mine now.] He raised his hand and summoned a power ball and threw it into the pit barely missing him.
[ I cant take your powers as long as your close to me remember.] He sent. [ And I can do much more to you if I want.]
[ Ariel!!] Toric sent out. [ Jayce, help me!!]
[ Your friends can't hear you. No one's coming to save you my son. I'm blocking your thoughts from your friends.]
" What do you want, Father?" Toric asked. He walking to a log in the pit and sat down. He reached down into himself to find his power still there. It was just being siphoned off by Pelis. That was what he did. He took control of others and used there power until they were used up and drained. Unfortunately usually they never recovered from him draining them. He always took more then they could afford to give him and it killed them in the end. Toric had to find a way to stop him before he was drained of all he was.
[ I want my life back.] He reached into the pit and pulled his helpless son out and tossed him against a tree. [ My home, my wife and most of all, my revenge on Jandar and the rest of your friends.]
" Your life?" Toric said. " What about all the lives you took? You think maybe they want there lives back too? There wives and families to?"
[ Bah!] Pelis sent. [ They were all weak, All they were was energy for me to use how I pleased.]
" And mother?" Toric shouted at him. " And Tess and me? Was that all we were too?"
[ Yes my son.] Pelis sneered. [ You were all nothing but a means to and end. I need almost all that I needed until Jandar found my compound. His brothers had so much energy. If I could have drained them, I could have beat him. But somehow you and your mother cut me off from your power. How did you do that?]
Pelis sent another power ball at his son. It hit him as he tried to dive out of the way. Toric lay on his back looking up at his father howling with laughter. He pushed himself up to a sitting position feeling numb. He couldn't remember doing anything as his father fought Jandar. He did remember his anger at him for using them. It burned in his chest so hot Toric was afraid he might explode.
[ Maybe it wasn't us. Maybe it was you. ] Toric got to his feet and limped closer to where his father stood. He wasn't afraid of him anymore. He was afraid of what he might do if he left here. But not what he might do to him. His anger began to rise as he looked at his father. Thoughts of his mother laying weak in her room ran through his mind pushing his hate to even higher levels. Suddenly Toric felt something in him snap. It was his hold on him. His anger had broken him free. He could feel his power building to a much higher level then he had ever reached before. He smiled and called to Pelis.
" Father."
Pelis knew something had changed in his son but he didn't know what it was He looked down at his son smiling at him as Toric raised his hand and sent a blast that knocked him back into the forest,

High over the forest Graym saw the flash of Toric's blast. He knew it could only be Toric or Pelis blasting at one or the other. Graym sent a picture of the sight to Jayce.
[ I found him!!] Graym sent. [ I think they're fighting. We better hurry, he may need our help!!]
[ Ariel!! We found him.] Jayce sent. He signaled Pelic to come to him.
[ I know where he is. ] She said. [ And he better be alright or so help me nothing will stop me form from ripping Pelis apart.]
With that she shifted back to dragon and sent a roar that sent shivers through Jayce as he took to the sky.