Friday, May 1, 2015

Myor Rising. 8

From his tower in Casthor in the frozen tundra of the Athtar ice plains, Asam Arynn stared intently into a blazing pyre. All day long he had this nagging feeling that something was wrong. He felt there was disaster reaching out and trying to touch his soul. He had tried reading the bones of his old Naga enemy but they kept telling him the same thing. That danger was near and getting closer every day. Frustrated Asam looked for more information. He dug through his chest and found his Ouija board and decided it had always served him well, he would to give it a try.
Drawing a six pointed star, Asam placed the board in the center and sat crossed legged to ask his questions. His first was what was the danger? There was no answer. The question was to direct to be answered. His next question was could Casthor be attacked. With his hands folded in his lap, Asam watched as the planchette slowly slid across the board to the YES in the top left corner. With that answer, Asam wonder who it could be that would attack the city. Was it their old enemy the Naga? It moved to the opposite side to the NO. Was it the Snowmen or the Kensi? The planchette didn't move, that meant no. It could take all day going through the list of possible attackers. This was the wrong line of questioning. Maybe he should concentrate on how to stop it. With that thought, the planchette slipped across the board to the YES. Now he was getting somewhere. So the answer was to somehow stop an attack on Casthor.
Alerting the king at this stage was a waste of time since, all he really had was a feeling and the answers of the Ouija board. He would need some kind of proof of danger for him to take action. Maybe the board had an answer.
"How do I get proof of danger?" He asked.
As Asam looked down, the planchette slid down to the letters and started spelling something out. It moved down to the M, then to the Y and over to the O and then the R and stopped.
"Myor?" Asam stared down at the board in shock. How could this be? Myor was his oldest son, his apprentice. He had strong magic, possibly even stronger then his own, but how could he possibly stop whatever was coming. Especially since even Asam had no idea what the trouble was. He needed more information. He needed to know what this was all about before he let his son get involved in it. There had to be someone, one of his friends or allies that knew what it was. It was time he reached out to them to learn what he could.
Getting to his feet, Asam walked out to his study where his altar to Aramis had been built. The fire was low so Asam mumbled an ancient spell and made it burst out to flare up and blaze high. He stared into the fire thinking back on the allies he had made in the past three hundred years. He knew many of his oldest friends had passed away, but there were still the Elves, Vampires, Fairies and a few others still alive. The first person that came to his mind was Valerian Sharpwing, king of the Ammath fairy's. Valerian was on old trusted friend for over two hundred years. If anyone knew anything, he would know.
Closing his eyes, Asam concentrated on Ammath. He visualized the beautiful fairy community with its azure bluebells, bright yellow sunflower and daffodils, white, pink and red tulips and many different wildflowers all flowering around the city. As Asam opened his eyes, he was shocked to see the city in total ruin. All the flowers were dead and the city had been crushed and burned. In his mind he called out for Valerian but there was no answer. Asam couldn't find anyone there still alive, and was horrified to find bodies of dead fairies everywhere. Whatever had destroyed Ammath had to be the danger that threatened Casthor.
After Valerian, Asam tried his friend Tomz Across of Prafa with no success. Then he tried another friend, one that always answered. He tried reaching Jandar Tyr, one of the two kings of the Dragons. In his mind deep down he could feel his presence, but again there was no answer. This worried him. The Dragons were the protectors for all of Taggitia. If there was danger in the lands, they should be there to fight it. There had to be someone he could find that could help.

Panting with exhaustion, the white shadow dived from snow dune to snow dune as fast as he could. Only minutes behind him he could hear the growls of the Kensi as they gave chase coming closer and closer by the minute. He dived into the ice as one took a swipe at him and resurfaced a few feet away right in the path  of a huge Snowman. As it swing its great ice fist down to smash him he dived back down into the ice. Pain speared through his leg as the fist clipped his descending foot as it slipped into the ice. He dived deep breathing shallow twisting and turning as he looked for somewhere safe to emerge and get away from the enemies chasing him. To the left the Kensi howling tearing at snow dunes looking for him. To the right, Snowmen waited pounding the ice sending painful ripples of vibrations down trying to drive him back to the surface.  The pain tore through him pounding like a hammer. He needed to surface out of the ice. He wasn't sure how much longer he could stand staying down merged in the ice. His mind was screaming out in pain. He needed help soon or he would die down there.

As Myor sat in meditate, waves of fear and pain suddenly stabbed into his head. He felt like he was suffocating deep down in the ice of the tundra while Snowmen and Kensi stood over him hunting him. But Myor Arynn knew it wasn't him that was buried in the ice. It was his friend Yarden Pek, and he was in serious trouble. He could feel Yarden getting weaker by the second.
Jumping to his feet, Myor ran to the window and opened it and dived out. As he fell he spread his arms and triggered the change and shifted his form from human to his Phoenix form. His arms stretched and powerful fiery red and gold wings formed. His body become bird like with talons, a beak and a long blazing tail. Like a star he shot out across the tundra to the west where Yarden was trapped beneath the ice.
As he approached, Myor gazed down and saw the Kensi hauling Yarden from out of the ice. Exhaustion must have taken its toll until Yarden had no choice but to surface. Being to weak to fight, they were able to grab him and haul him out onto the open bed of ice.
With his friend in danger, Myor let loose a call that rattled the snow caps. As the Snowmen looked up at him, he fired a series of fireballs down to rain on them. Like cannon blasts, the fireballs came searing down and blasting the first two Snowmen into pieces. Surprised by the attack, two Snowmen howled and raised their fist and charged Myor. With his wings out stretched, Myor flew right at them letting the heat of his wings burn right though them.
As Myor touched down on the tundra, he shifted back to his human form to face the Kensi. Myor Arynn stood a little under six feet, he was thin about 125 lbs dressed in black trousers and tunic with a long red and gold coat. His hair was wild and spiked streaked in red, black and blond looking like flames that crowned his head. Myor was very handsome with strong features and pointed ears. His face was framed with the spots common to the men of the Phoenician race.
Between Yarden and Myor there were five Kensi, each armed with a club and the strength of a wild beast. Myor stood ready. He flexed his Phoenician muscles and sent flames flaring out from his hands.
Snarling the Kensi attacked. Leaping into action a Kensi charged in snarling and snapping reaching out with clawed hands to grab Myor. Raising his hand, Myor sent a burst of flame right in its face. The beast man howled in pain and blind, it ran off with its fur on fire.
With three more Kensi facing him, Myor formed a sword of flame and attacked. Holding the sword with two hands, Myor charged swinging up slicing into the lead Kensi from groin to its chin. It's stomach split open spilling its gut on the ice. The second Kensi came in with its club swinging for Myors head. Countering, Myor's sword came up and met the club and cut right through it. Spinning around, Myor sank his sword into the beast chest searing a smoking hole right through its heart. In shock the Kensi fell back and was dead before its body hit the ice.
Standing over Yarden, the last Kensi looked at Myor then back down at Yarden and growled. From the look in its eyes, Myor knew what was about to happen. It had one enemy there in its hands and if it was going to die, it would take Yarden with him. Sneering it raised its club over its head ready to deliver a death blow..
There was no way Myor could make it to Yarden in time to stop the Kensi from crushing his head. But with his powers, he didn't have to be close to stop the beast. His only problem was that Yarden was very close and could get hurt, but he had to take the chance.
"Yarden!" He yelled. "Get down under the ice!!"
Still groggy, but aware of what was going on around him, Yarden heard his friends warning. Reaching in for his last bit of strength, Yarden phased himself and slipped down into the ice. With Yarden out of the way, Myor sent a blast of fire and heat at the Kensi turning it into a burning pyre. As the Kensi breathed in the fire, heat seared its lungs. For a few seconds it staggered about trying to get air, then it fell smoldering to the ground.
With the Kensi and the Snowmen out of the way, Myor scanned the horizon for any more threats. He wanted to be sure there was no one else to fight before he called Yarden back up to safety. Once he was sure, he signaled him it was safe to come up. Still weak from the chase, Yarden's hand slowly came trembling up out of the ice. From the way it moved, Myor could tell he was to weak to pull himself back up to the surface. Reaching down, Myor clasped hands with Yarden and pulled. Slowly his arm came free, then his head and shoulder. Soon his entire white furred body lay on the ice and Yarden gasped for air. As he opened his eyes and recognized Myor, and made the shift back to his normal form. Yarden like all his people was very tall at six feet six inches and muscular. His skin was pale almost as white as his long flowing hair. From living in the dimly lit caverns, his eyes were yellow, able to see very well in the dark.
"Breathe easy." Myor helped him to sit up, then checked him over for any injury's and healed his cuts and bruises. "They're all dead now, your safe. What are you doing all the way out here, you could have been killed?"
"Looking for you." Yarden said feeling stronger. He took Myor's hand as he helped him up. "I need your help. Something really bad has happened."
Just then, they heard a howl from not far off in the distance. More Kensi had caught their scent and were rallying for an attack. Yarden could smell them on the wind, they were getting close.
"We should get out of here." He said. "More Kensi are coming."
"Can you run? Casthor isn't that far away."
"Go!" Yarden  made the shift to Yeti. [I'll follow you.]
Turning east, Myor started running, then he spread his arms and shifted to his Phoenix form and took off into the sky and flew east with Yarden running right behind him.

At the gates to the city, Asam waited for Myor to return. All the scrying and searching had led him to one answer. He had no idea how, but his magic had told him somehow, his son would have the answers he was looking for. He had gone to Myor's study expecting to find him deep in meditate, and discovered he was missing. A simple locations spell found him out on the frozen tundra surrounded by Kensi and Snowmen in the middle of a battle. For a second Asam thought he should go help him but a few Kensi and Snowmen should be no trouble for his very capable son. What was he doing out there? Asam looked a little closer for an explanation. That's when he noticed the young Yeti laying behind the Kensi. He must be a friend. It was just like Myor to rush out to a friends rescue. This shouldn't take long. He would meet him at the gate when he returned.
As Myor and Yarden reached the golden gates of Casthor, the sentry bowed with recognition and let them in. The golden city of Casthor with its high spires and towers was a magnificent place. The roads were all made of marble as were the many beautiful buildings. Palm trees lined each street reaching high to grab the magnified sun light of the crystal domed city.
As Myor led Yarden into the city, Asam made his way down from the wall that surrounded the city.  He caught them just after Yarden took his normal form dressed in nothing but a loincloth.
"A friend Myor?" Asam looked him up and down and frowned.
"Yes father." They stopped to greet him. "This is Yarden Pek. He's Yetisian from the Mohn mountains to the west. It seems he needs my help with something."
"Aiya friend Yarden." Asam bowed. "Welcome to Casthor. I think we should find you something to wear. We can't have you walking through the city like that."
With a snap of his fingers, a white linen tunic and cotton pants with gold trim appeared on Yarden. Yarden spread his arms and looked down at himself pleased. He had never had real clothes before.
"That's better." Asam smiled. "He looks very handsome, don't you think so Myor?"
"Yes father, He is. But I don't think he came all this way for a new suit. Yarden has something he wants to tell us."
"Yes,yes,yes." Asam said. "And I need to talk with you about something very important. Let's go home where we can be more comfortable and Yarden can talk in private."

Back in Arynn Tower, Asam led Yarden to a lounge where he could rest while Myor made them a pot of gingerberry tea to help sooth his frazzled nerves. With his tray in hand, Myor stepped in, sat it down and poured Yarden and Asam a cup.
"Sip on this." Asam said as he blew on the hot drink. "It has magically qualities. It'll help you relax and focus your thoughts."
Myor grabbed a chair and pulled it over and sat down. Yarden's face had a calm glow as he sipped his tea.
"Now." He asked. "What's so important you braved the tundra alone to find me?"
Slowly and calmly, Yarden told them about his day and what happened in the caverns. He told them of the smoke he saw rising over the mountains then what he found when he reached the caverns. He recalled the bodies of the Yetisian warriors and all his dead people. Then he told them of the old mage that had caused all the death and destruction.
"And you have no idea who it was?" Myor asked.
"None." Yarden shook his head. "There are a few mages in Torcin, but this man was crazy out of his mind."
"Many warlocks are a little mad." Asam told them. "It comes with the profession. It can't be helped."
"No." Yarden cut him off. "You don't understand, He wasn't a little mad, he talked, no, screamed at himself while tearing the place up searching for something."
Myor opened his mouth to speak but Asam held out his hand and stopped him.
"What was he looking for?" Asam asked. Now he was very interested. "Did he find it?"
"It was small. A ring I think, hidden in the statue of Rocca Kah. Why, is that important?"
"I need to see this old warlock."  Asam put down his tea. "This could be very important. Myor, you can find the image in Yarden's head and show it to me."
Myor stood up and pulled his chair out and placed it in the center of the room. "Sit here Yarden."
"Is this going to hurt?" Yarden took his place in the chair looking nervous and fidgeting around.
"Relax." Myor smiled placing his hand on Yarden's forehead. "You won't feel a thing."
Closing his eyes, Myor held out his hand palm up aimed at the closest wall and started his spell.


With a snap of his fingers, Asam doused the lights and darkened the glass dome over head. From Yarden's mind his days experience flowed into Myor and he projected the image on the wall. First they watched as Yarden stalked the caribou out on the snowy plains. Then the scent of smoke caught Yarden's attention and he saw the smoke coming from the mountains. Yarden shook his head and the scene changed as he ran through the caverns and tunnels of the Mada clan. They saw the dead and burned Yetisians scattered all through the village.Yarden shook his head again and suddenly he was standing outside of the Hall of Elders where he heard someone was tearing the place apart. Yarden merged with the ice and slipped in staying deep in the ice, but close enough to the surface to see who had destroyed the Mada caverns. As he watched, a strange man with gray hair and tattered robes raged through the chamber arguing with himself.
The second Asam saw the old warlock, he jumped up out of he seat and moved closer to the image on the wall.
"No!" He said as he watched the statue being blasted and the warlock pick something up. "He's dead, this isn't possible."
With a wave of his hand, Myor stopped the images and froze the scene with the warlock screaming into the air.
"Father, you know who that is?"
"Yes." Asam turned to face Myor and Yarden. "I know him very well."
"Who is he?" Yarden asked. "And where's my family and the rest of my clan?"
"I'm sorry Yarden." Asam was over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "But I think they're all dead. He's done it before, his madness drives his rage to kill, and he's killed hundreds."
"That can't be!!" Yarden jumped out of his chair knocking it over. Tears burned in his eyes. "My mother, my brothers, they can't be dead!! They're just missing. They must have ran off when he attacked, they can't be dead!!"
"We can check if you want." Asam said sadly. "With luck they may have made it to Torcin and safety, but If they did, I think they would have reached out and made contact by now. I know Xander Corden very well, I'll contact him and see if they're there. But I think you should face the truth for now and accept it. They are gone."
Yarden looked as if his world had just died and he was about to explode with grief. He couldn't understand how this could have happened. His people weren't war like. There were warriors, sure for there protection, but they had never attacked anyone, not even the Kensi or Snowmen. Why had this crazy warlock come to his home, and why kill everyone?
Asam saw the anguish burning through Yarden and he knew he had to try and explain. He had them both sit down and he poured another cup of tea. He didn't know if either of them would understand what he was about to tell them, but if that really was Bram Thorn, then he would need their help to defeat him.
"The warlocks name is Bram Thorn." He said. "And it all started long ago in a land call Fay Shrea. Sit back and I'll tell you why he must be destroyed."