Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back at the Manor. 59

Death walked the halls of the manse of the lord of the underworld. Not one spirit would dare enter these hall for any reason unless called by there new mistress for all feared her anger. Muerte had seen the last of her agents beaten. Kearn was now imprisoned in a volcano and useless to her. She should have expected they would all fail. They were all lucky the dragons and her brothers had taken care of them instead of her for they were far more merciful then she would have been. The only one left free was Dirod and she could tell he was fading in to oblivion. He had not even tried to do her bidding, instead he hide himself in his mountain and just gave up. All she had left was the dragons of Valen's clan.
" Fine." She said out loud. " They can wreck havoc across the lands."
She knew exactly where they where. All she had to do was get to them before Valen and the rest of the dragons did. They were a little confused, but she could reinforce her spells and get them back to killing for her.
Muerte walked to the front entrance and left the palace. With a wave of her hand she disappeared in a flash of darkness heading for the world of the living.

In a flash of light and magic, Aramis appeared in the courtyard of the Manor in New Keanna with Atol, Alea and Nestor. He had made contact with Ono and Shayn telling them they were coming so they were waiting in the garden for them. As they appeared Shayn and Ono dressed in there finest tunic and leathers came over to greet them
" My Lady." Shayn bowed as Ono stared. He elbowed him back to his senses. " My apologies." Ono said bowing. " Welcome to New Keanna."
" Alea, Nestor." Aramis introduced them smiling. " This is King Shayn Whitehall and his mate Prince Onoacio Tyr my brothers."
" We're pleased to meet you." Alea smiled. " You must be something special for my brother Vita, I mean Aramis to consider you brothers."
" You have no idea sister." He said. " These people protected me and cared for me like family from the moment Jax and I stepped through there cities gates."
" I wish to thank you all for that." Alea reached for there hands. First Shayn. She took his hand in hers.
" A white dragon." She said, " Very impressive. White ones don't come along very often. You my friend will be very powerful."
Shayn smiled not knowing what to say. Next Ono stepped up and she took his hand. Alea started to speak and thank Ono when she stopped. She looked deeply in his eyes.
" Your destiny is not here." She said frowning as her eyes clouded over.
" Not here at all. You and your mate will do great things somewhere else. Somewhere far from here and away from your clan."

Protect the white and grey.
For they will cause the end of a thousand
years of tyranny and enslavement.
There power and courage will doom
the high ones and bring freedom to
all that suffer and fight with them.
The mark of the wolf and dragon will be the sign.

As her eyes cleared she saw everyone staring at her. She blushed and smiled at them.
" Shall we go in?" Aramis said guiding them towards the entrance of the Manor. Together they followed Aramis in. Once inside Ono stopped in the foyer.
" That was a prophesy wasn't it?" He asked.
" Yes it was." She told him.
" What does it mean?" Shayn asked. " We're going somewhere?"
" I can tell you no more." Alea told them. " I don't know how or where your going. I just know the two of you will leave here in the future.
" Forever?" Ono asked. The look on his face told her she had scared him. But she had no more answers to give them. She was sorry she had told them what she had. But her prophecies had a life of their own and had to come out.
" I don't know the answer to that." She tried to comfort them. " I think things will work out for you. I don't see death, just what I've said. Only you can make your futures what you wish. But there is something you will need. That jewel you both wear. There is a larger piece yes?"
" Yes." Ono reached up to touch the salvation stone at his neck. " It's in Jandar's study. Why?"
" Trust me." She said. " It's very important that you carry the big piece, very important."
" Enough with the prophesies." Atol said as the entered the first floor study and made themselves comfortable. Aramis poured brandy for the adults and wine for Ono and Shayn then sat down.

" How did the other mission go?" Aramis sipped his brandy." Jax, Alee and the others?"
" I'm fine and Cressca is no more." They heard from behind them.
" JAX!!" Aramis leaped up and hugged his brother. " I was worried about you red one."
" The god of justice will prevail." Jax smiled releasing his brother. " At least with the help of his friends."
Jax went and greeted and hugged Alea and Nestor then got himself some brandy and sat down. Ono stood in the front of his guest and told them what had been happening with everyone else.
" Jayce and the shadows with Ariel and Toric defeated Pelis and put him back in his confines in Tir Na," He explained. " Only now he's not in a zoo. He's in an enchanted cell in the old castle were he shouldn't escape again. "
" Bravosa is being cleaned of all the snow." He said looking at Alea. " Thanks to Alee and Nautica. Don't worry, Alee is fine. He defeated Kearn on his own. They should be back soon. Jax, as you can see helped save everyone in Azia and Cressca is no more. "

" Yes." Jax said. " It's dead at last. Cressca won't be bothering anyone ever again. But I didn't kill him. Athene did. She ran him through with Hazard.
" Selena's Blade?" Alea asked.
" Yes," He said. "I called out to her and she sent it to me."
" Where is it now?" Alea asked looking towards Ono.
" I put it in a safe place." Jax told her. " I can't let the wrong person get there hands on it. Could you imagine if she got it?"
All around the room heads shook in agreement. Muerte could not be allowed to get Hazard for she had the ability to use it. Not everyone did. That thought in mind, Atol remember something.
" Jax." He said. " Where is Athene and Lady Angela?"
" In Prafa. Why?"
" I think Alea needs to meet them." Atol looked at Alea remembering the day he met Angela and how much the two resembled each other/
" I think we have other things to discuss right now." Aramis said. " Like getting Muerte out of the underworld."
" I agree." Nestor nodded his head. " There has to be a way for me to get back down there and take back my realm."
" There is." Aramis said standing up. " What if you lead a rebellion of the souls down there against her? Would that help you reclaim your throne?"
" Yes." He said. " But I can't get down there to organize something like that. The minute I appear, She will know I'm there."
" Then it's a good thing we've already got things started for you." Aramis smiled. " You know Baron Valkar?"
" Of course I do." Nestor looked at Aramis confused. " He was the most evil vampires ever to exist. He turned and murdered thousands. Caused millions of deaths in his time. I've been punishing him since the day Azeal Tyr sent his soul on to me. What's he got to do with this?"
" He and Azeal Tyr have been working together to organize the underworld for your return."
" Are you serious?" Nestor asked. " Baron Valkar Zlenka? The first vampire did this for me?"
" The second vampire, dear." Alea corrected him. " She's the first. Muerte is the original source of vampirism, and that was my mistake. My curse on her. I never should have cursed her like that. Look what I did. I caused a whole race to be born out of my anger."
'" No Alea." Jax said. " They're a very proud race now. No longer curse to kill to live. You will meet some very special people once we can get them all together."
" Like me and my people." Ono spoke up. " If it wasn't for your curse, Jandar and I and my whole race would not exist. My people had a hard time at first being the slaves of the vampires, but we overcame that just like many other race's without curses did. So please don't blame yourself for what's happened. We are proud to be what we are. And speaking for Valkar of the vampires. So are they."
Alea with tears in her eyes looked around the room. She looked at Ono and saw the truth of his words in his eyes. His was a race caused by her actions and as far as she saw they were thriving, and so were the vampires. But Muerte was still out there and her corruption was spreading like wildfire. It was time to put an end to all her evil plans.
" So what do we do?" She asked.
" Nestor goes back to the underworld to reclaim it." Aramis told them all. " If he takes Hazzard with him I know she will either fight or run. I think she will run. She won't take a chance against Hazard. She knows what it can do. Once she's back on Keanna I will deal with her."
" And our clan?" Shayn asked.
" Don't worry." He said. " I'm sure she has something else up her sleeve, like Balthazar and those missing dragons. That's where the rest of you will come in. Ono, Shayn get in touch with Jandar and Rage and fill them in. Find Valkar and warn him, cause all hell is about to break loose."
" And what can I do?" Alea asked.
" Come with me to Prafa." Atoll said. " You can meet Athene and Angela."
" If you think it's important."
" And us?" Shayn asked.
" You both stay here." Aramis said. " Some of your clan will be coming back from their missions. Fill them in on what's happening and be ready. I'm sure we'll have surprises in store for us. Jax, I think one of us should stay here in just in case something happens"
" No!" He said. " I stay with you Aramis."
" Jax." Aramis put his hand on his brothers shoulder. " If Nestor's task goes well, Muerte will be free back in the world up here. There's no telling what she might do. I need you here."
" Where are you going? He asked.
" To see Father." Aramis said. " I need his advice."