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The Exiles that Laugh Together. 27

On a dreary day in Greselia, a young boy and his sister finished plowing the fields. They were bone tired. This wasn't there usual job. There father and older brother did the plowing usually, but not now. Now they were gone. Polan had taken all men and teenage boys into his army so they had no choice. Plow or starve. The kids and there mother could hardly keep up the work. Sometimes the other women in the villages helped each other out. But not today. There was no help today. Today the two kids had worked hard plowing the whole field. It had taken them all day, but at last they were done. Together they unhooked the plow and stored it away until tomorrow and they could start the next field. Their mother and little brother would do the planting in the field they just finished. It was so hard to work now because of the sickness. It kept them weak all the time, but still they had to work. The sickness everyone knew was controlled by their new king. That necromancer was now our lord and master, and if we didn't obey, it would be so much worse. If he wanted to, the sickness could kill. Polan had showed them how he could control it. By making examples of some of the people and killing whole crowds of people.
Polan wanted to conquer, but he didn't want to govern. He wasn't going to take care of people, he didn't care. Life in Maveta was hard. Polan's poison had contaminated the land and water. Crops had failed, live stock had died of starvation. But they couldn't give up, that would mean death. They needed help. He expected them to care for him and that was the only reason Polan had healed some of the fields and wells. He needed food for him and his army. The people could have whatever was left over after he took his share.
Resting up for the moment, the young girl Tara give her exhausted brother Ciro a drink of sterilized water. Like the soil the water was also contaminated, it had to be treated with a special mixture before drinking which Polan had passed out to the people sparingly. Each family received enough for a few days work, then they had to come back for more. Tara dropped the powder in the jar and mixed it. It tasted horrible, but they had to drink. She passed it to her brother and he drank.
"Thank you." Ciro said with a weak smile.
" We have to get home." Tara said. "Mother will worry."
Tara guided the horse while Ciro rode. Their home wasn't far away, but they had to make it through a dead village. More of Polan's sacrifices. Keeping their eyes open for the dead that roamed these places, they moved as fast as they could. Seeing the dead walking was something new in Maveta. The old king would never allow this. There would be bands of men out hunting them to burn. But not now. The dead were his to command. Sometimes Polan sent them instead of the living to collect tributes. Some thought them responsible for the sickness. Tara and Ciro moved as fast as they could to get home. The streets weren't as safe as they use to be. Hungry villagers, muggers all could be found in Maveta these days.
Out of the corner of her eye, Tara thought she saw a woman coming out of an abandoned cottage. She was blond and beautiful, and she had something red all over her mouth. She smiled and disappeared. Scared as she was Tara wanted to know what was in the cottage.
" Stay Ciro." She said. " I'll be right back."
Tara crept to the door of the Cottage and looked inside. It was dark, but she could make out something in the corner. She walked in moving closer to whatever it was. On the floor of the cottage she found the body of a young man. He was dead. His throat had been ripped out but there was no blood anywhere. Tara ran out and grabbed the reins and ran home.

Up on a hill over the village , a you boy walked home. His mother had sent him to the well for water. With him he carried the powder used to purify the water. After drawing the water he added the powder and watched it turn from a cloudy gray to almost clear. Picking up his buckets he started down the hill. Half way down the hill, he saw something on the side of the hill. A beautiful woman bending over someone. As he came closer she turned and hissed at him. Fear gripped him so hard he dropped the buckets. Then she was gone, leaving a dead man with a huge rip in his neck, but no blood. Looking around the boy ran down the hill home.
All over the village bloodless bodies were being found. So far fifteen in all. This had to be brought to Polan's attention. The villagers were all scared to go out day or night while bodies were being found everywhere.

Graym was the only man left in the main city of Sandor in Greselia. It was his job to care for anyone left in the city. He was exhausted from all the work. He plowed fields, shoeing horses, Graym did as much for the woman as he could until he was about to pass out. Now there were all these bodies. They wanted him to report it to Polan. He couldn't stop the killing, so he guessed he would have be the one to go to Polan and bring him the news. Getting in to see Polan might not be so easy. He hoped Polan would help them, but he doubted it. Then again, something was killing his people, his cattle as he called them and Polan is very possessive of anything he called his. He may not care about the people, but what was his , was his and no one took anything from him.
Graym had to wait a few days until Polan was back in Greselia from his war. All the lands he had taken wasn't enough for him he had to have more. Polan wouldn't be happy until he took the whole world and subjected it to his horrors. With all this on his mind Graym walked home from the fields. He was dog tired and in need of rest. Walking through an abandoned part of the city lost in his thoughts, Graym heard someone scream. He jumped back and looked around. He saw nothing, but the hair on his neck stood out. He could feel something was there. A flash of white caught his attention to his left. He moved closer to take a look. In front of Graym stood the broken remnants a building. It looked like it had once been a shop. The smell of old rotten vegetables filled the air. Graym stepped into the shop to look around being careful where he walked because of all the trash. Suddenly a thick fog began to sweep into the shop. It was cold and damp, Graym felt a chill go through his body. Out of the fog a shape started to form. At was a woman, A beautiful woman with the most amazing eyes. They glowed like gems sparkling in the fog. She smiled at him and moved closer. Graym backed away.
" Have no fear of me." The woman said through red luscious lips." I'm here to make everything better for you."
She reached out to him. Graym wanted so much to run into her arms and let her fulfill his every need. But he knew what this was in front of him. A succubus, vampire, just as evil as Polan. Only she wants his life force now to consume. Graym backed to the wall cold sweat running off him. She threw her head back and laughed reaching for him.

Over head Jayce flew mapping the battle line when a feeling of horror began to fill him. He looked down and knew exactly where it was coming from. He swooped down and landed outside the shop. Something horrible was about to happen here. An innocent soul called out to him. Jayce had never felt this before ,but he was sure of what it was. He pulled his sword and ran into the building. What he saw chilled him. A horrible hag advancing on a man against the wall.
" STOP!!!!" Jayce yelled out.
His sword flashed a bright light which forced the witch back.
" AHHHHHH!!!!!!" She screamed spinning around and covering her eyes. The look of hate on her old shriveled face was murderous. Her arms flew up and she dissolved into the fog and was gone out the window while they watched.
" Are you alright?" Jayce asked Graym as he approached him.
" Yes." He said. Graym looked up and for the first time saw Jayce, the sun shining through a parting of the clouds making him like more angelic. His wings and blond hair shining and moving with the wind. Graym stared at him open mouthed. How do you talk to an angel? What do you say? There was so much evil around Greselia. They needed help so bad he had to ask. Graym fell to his knees in respect of this being in front of him.
" Stand up, please." Jayce helped him up.
" Have you been sent to help us? "He asked.
" Yes." Jayce told him. " My friends and I are going to do everything we can to save your people. Do you know what that was?"
" Yes. A vampire. The worst kind." Graym told him. " Many evil things have come here because of our new king."
" Really?" Jayce asks. " I want you to go tell your king about this vampire. He's not going to like it invading his lands. Maybe we can pit one evil against another. And tell no one about me understand?"
" I'll do as you say and tell no one." Graym said. " But please hurry."
" Have patience." Jayce said as he tapped the clasp and disappeared. " We'll be back to free you and your people. That I promise."
With a quick burst of wind in his face, Graym knew the angel was gone. This was the first time since Polan Dressek had come to Greselia that he had felt any hope. He knew the day would come soon and they would be free of the hell the necromancer had brought them. Graym smiled as he left the shop. Help was on it's way. Finally he could see a future.

The Best laid plans of Mice and Men. 26

Jandar, Shayn and Ono reappeared at the campsite. There were many people here now. All Denners troops laying around suffering from Polan's sickness. Jandar looked a Shayn.
" I think Gabriel will be needed here." Jandar said.
" Looks like I have some more healing to do."
Shayn shifted to Gabriel roared. He walked through the crowd using his breath on the solders healing them all as he went. Rage ran up to them and hugged Ono.
" I'm so glad to see you up." Rage said. He ruffled his hair and laughed." We all missed you."
" Oh stop it." Ono smiled. " I'm hungry. Where's the food?"
" Go see Tomar. He'll feed you and you can meet the others."
" Alright." Ono ran off to find Tomar and eat. Rage took Jandar in his arms and kissed him deeply. There arms wrapped around each other with passion. Everyone looked at them and smiled
"I guess you missed me." Jandar said.
" Yes I did." Rage still held him. " That and to thank you for what you did for my brothers and sisters in the cave. They're aware again so thank you." They kissed again.
" So what's going on here?" Jandar asked.
" Gabriel is healing the rest of the solders. We were waiting for the two of you to get back before we started. There are many things to talk about."
Rage and Jandar walked through the camp. Blaze cooked on a large fire. Someone had hunted and caught more then enough food to feed everybody. The solders that were awake ate as best they could. Polan's sickness made it hard for them to eat. But Gabriel's cure was going to fix that. None of these men would suffer from this sickness again. Ono was busy eating with Dreik and Jayce hovering around him. I doubt you could get Jayce away from him now with a sword. Denner had had his whole camp moved here. They had begun clearing away trees. Rage explained that they were going to build a compound here. This was to become there headquarters. Nautica was swimming in the bay while she waited. The twins were resting. Jandar looked up and saw Insa flying in, leaving a trail of smoke as he moved. Denner and Corrin came walking toward them, behind them walked Pelic, looking very confused and sorry for what he had tried to do.
" Rage we have men patrolling the woods all around the camp. Shine is with them. He'll contact you if there's any problems. The compound will be up in a few days." Corrin told them. "We're going to try and keep a few men here all the time to protect this settlement."
" Greetings Jandar." Denner said." Hows your brother?"
" He's there eating by Jayce. His new bodyguard." Jandar pointed.
In his gray robes Insa walked over to them. He nodded greeting them all.
" I have news from Wintehaven." He said.
" Call everybody together." Rage told Denner." Its time to plan."
" As you wish." Denner and Corrin ran off to carry out Rages orders. They sent someone person to person to tell them all of the meeting. Soon the whole camp was assembled. Rage looked out at all the people he now had to command. This was new to him. Commanding dragons was totally different. That he could do with a thought.
[ Jandar, I'm really going to need your help doing this.] He sent. [ I'm not use to commanding so many.]
[I'll be at your side always.] He heard back.
"Gentleman And Ladies, To anyone here that doesn't know who I am or my family here. I am Rage. King of the Keanna's dragon's. These are my children. In red beside me is Blaze. In green Gaia, in blue Nautica, in purple Ariel, in tan Cutter, and in white, Gabriel. The little golden one is Shine. We are dragons. To my right, Princes Jandar and Ono Tyr. We are all here because of a menace that plagues our homes. A very evil man who has destroyed your homes and families. Polan Dressek, The necromancer. He is very powerful, and he is also a dragon."
Everyone looked at each other not sure what that meant.
" What does that mean? It means that it's going to take us all to defeat him. You won't be able to do this yourself no matter how big an army you can get. And we can't do it without you help. It will take all of us to bring him down. There's one thing im going to need from all of you here. That's trust. Doubt at the wrong time can give him what he needs to win. None of you are suffering from his sickness anymore. That's a good thing. Most of you men are from Maveta. I promise you now, we will free your home and your people and cure any that need it. Why you ask? Gabriel stand with me please."
Shayn walked over and stood with Rage. There was a lot of commotion as the men recognized him. His name was called out many times, some men went to there knee.
" You recognize him? This is Prince Shayn of Maveta. He is one of us and I will protect him with my life. So will the rest of them and I hope all of you will to." Rage pointed to the other dragons. " So now it up to you all. Will you fight with us as we all fight for you? What say you?"
The men looked around, some talking to each other. Voices getting louder. Then a men stepped out of the crowd. He reached back and unbuckled his black armor, then threw it on the fire as black flames burst into the air. Then he took out his sword and stepped up to Rage and Shayn and layed it at there feet and bowed to them.
" I will fight for you." He said. " For my king and homeland."
Cheers went up from the crowd. One after another men came up and swore their allegiance to Rage and Shayn and tore off Polan's armor. Shayn looked up to Rage. A tear rolled down from his eye.
[I meant what I said to you and to them.] He sent to Shayn. [ We will free your home and destroy Polan. That I swear to everyone.]
[Thank you.] Shayn smiled at him in relief.
After the meeting broke up, Rage had Denner and Corrin, Pelic, and Insa stay. They all sat around a fire to plan.
" We need to know exactly what's going on. Where Polan is and where are his armies. We need to know where he's going next. How big his army is. And we need to get the Dragon Spirit from him. It's a source of power for him. And our brothers need it back."
" What is this Dragon Spirit." Denner asks.
" Its the magical spirit of any dragon clan." Insa said. " All clans have one. Its compose of a bit of every dragon in that clan. Without it?"
Every dragon at the table knew the answer to that question. The humans didn't need that information.
" The clan is destroyed." Insa said looking from dragon to dragon.
" So any ideas?" Rage asked.
" Yes." Jandar said. " Jayce, I want you to go have a look at the battle lines. You have the best vision here, you can map it for us. You still have clasp I gave you?
Jayce pushed back the fold of his cloak to reveal the gold clasp on his arm. He tapped it two times and became invisible. Two more and he was visible again.
" Good. That will keep you hidden." Rage said as he pace along the circle." How do we find Polan?"
" You won't find him during the day." Corrin said." He hates sunlit. We're not sure. It might kill him."
" He's weaker in sun lit." Cutter said. " But it won't kill him. As a dragon or a man. He just prefers the night."
"Then how do we find him?" Rage said.
" I can locate him." Cutter said.
" How?" Asked Jandar.
" He's the center of all this fear.It's like a fog with him in the center" He said. " To me, he's going to shine like the sun."
" How close will you have to get?" Jandar asked.
" Well I can tell you right now, he's southwest. At least a week away by horse. Three days if you fly." Cutter said. " But I can make an exact position within a half mile."
" Cutter, He might be able to detect you." Jandar told him. " His necromantic abilities might be able to close in on your fear abilities."
" That's possible. Cutter said.
[I CAN GO RIGHT TO HIM.] Shine sent.
" What do you mean?" Rage asked.
[IN MY GHOST FORM, I'M ATTUNED TO HIM.]Shine jumped onto Rages shoulder.
" Will he detect you?" Jandar asked.
" YOU CAN'T!!" Rage said to his father with force. " SO EVEN IF YOU SEE THE PERFECT CHANCE. DON'T TRY IT!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!"
" There's one more thing I was thinking." Rage told them. " And only one of us can do it. That's you Pelic."
Pelic looked up. He had been sitting quietly through the council meeting still ashamed of himself.
" What can I do for you?" He said.
" Can you get close to him and watch him?" Rage stood in front of him.
" Won't he notice I've been cured?" Pelic asked He was scared. What the poison did to him he didn't like. Pelic was know to be dark, but Polan scared him. He knew that even if he was on Polan's side. sooner or later, Polan would dispose of him. Painfully.
" No." Gabriel said. " I took the poison from you. I can change it so you won't feel pain or be at his command and give it back to you."
Pelic turned white at the thought of having that in him again. But he knew he had to help them.
" Don't worry Pelic." Gabriel said to him. " It won't be able to hurt you. It's just going to be enough so he feels it in you."
" I'll do it. Pelic said.
" Shine will be there with you. He can advise us. If you feel threatened. Get clear and get away." Rage said knealing in front of him. "Understand?"
" Yes. " He said. " Rage, I'm sorry for what I tried to do. I can't blame Polan for all my action. But I can promise I'll never do anything against any of you again."
" Your forgiven Pelic." He shook his hand. " This is a second chance for you. But you'll have to earn our trust."
" I will." Pelic assured him. " I promise."
" Then learn all you can from him, and about his necromancy." Jandar said. " I need to know all I can to fight him. If you can get into his library, check out his books carefully. Both of you look for the spirit."
" Now any news?" Rage asked.
" Yes." Insa stood up." Winterhaven has been over run with Polan's solders. It's not an invasion force, but the city is in peril, and the council is being neutral in this war."
" Damn!!" Ariel said. " I knew we should have done something."
" If you had." Insa said. " The council would have objected. Now I have their permission to act. But you understand, if we get caught the council will do nothing, they might even have to raise an objection. They cant be seen as taking a side in this."
" Guess we just became vigilantes." Blaze said. " I'll gather a few groups to patrol the city."
" Fine." Rage said. "But I want our men out of the black armor. Denner, you and Corrin are in on this. No major battles in the streets."
" What do you want us to do with the men once we stomp them?" Denner asked.
" We cure them." Gabriel said. " Bring them back here. We need the men. Remember, it's Polan's disease that's making them do these things. Once there cured we'll see. Any that want to join us can."
" Yes." Rage said. " We're building barracks and a place for us to gather. That's it for now. Any questions?" No one spoke up.
" Let's get to it."
They all get up to leave. Denner walked up to Jandar.
" Can I talk to you?" He said.
" Yes you can." Jandar told him.
" I want to ask a favor of you." Denner said. " It's not an easy one."
" What is it?" They sat down by the fire.
" I'm not important here. I feel like there's nothing I can really do." Denner said. " Being a dragon, Prince Shayn won't be needing my protection any more. And I'll help in anyway to fight for Maveta believe me."
" Denner, What are you asking me?" Jandar asked him.
" Corrin and I want to join you and Rage." He said.
" You have joined." Jandar assured him. " There's going to be plenty for you. Your our General. You will command the troops, both of you."
" That's not what I mean." He said. " I want to be a dragon like you and the rest. I want that power to help others."
" I'm not a dragon." Jandar told him smiling.
" But King Rage said you were." Denner was puzzled. Rage had said they were all dragons. How can Jandar deny it now?
" He said they were dragons. Jayce, my brother and I are different."He said.
" How?"
" Watch." Jandar stepped back and throw back his head and howled.
" AWRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"He shifted to man-wolf form. His fur shined black, his teeth grew to canines. A tail and claws grew. Denner stepped back a little shocked and afraid. A werewolf!!! Jandar bowed to him and Denner realized he's not a wild animal. The legends were not true. Jandar shifted back.
" Understand?" He said.
" Yes I do." He sat back down.
" How did you become a werewolf?"
" Ono and I were born wolfen." Jandar told him. " Our father is King of one of the largest wolfen clans a long way from here."
" And Jayce and the wings?" Denner asked.
" The wings were a gift." He told him.
" From who?" Denner looked at him, he didn't understand.
" Denner, I'm a werewolf and a master mage." Jandar said. " There are things I don't know or want to know. Jayce is my brother, not by blood but by an even stronger bond. Friendship. I'm not investigating what happened to him unless its necessary. As for becoming a dragon?"
He through his arm around Denners shoulder.
"You never know, You might even grow wings." They walked off laughing.

The Healing. 25

After leaving Winterhaven, Rage winged his way toward the Golden Cliffs. Jandar rode on his back. Gabriel flew next to him, his magical glow was very powerful. Rage could never have found a better person to merge with his egg. He could tell this boy was brave. Gabriel wouldn't have chosen him if he wasn't. On the other side of him flew the twins carrying Dreik and Sarah. Rage knew Jandar was in a hurry to get to Ono in the cave. They would he promised go there next. But he had to talk to these men. Something had to be done about Polan. Here was where plans could be made.
The sun was just beginning to rise as the cliffs came into view. Rage begin to drop down and the rest followed. Shine sat clutching the edge waiting for them. He roared a welcome as they came in.

Gabriel being the smallest landed first. He folded his wings and walked in, then shifted to human form. Gabriel was dressed in gray leather and boots. Rage followed him in to land then all the others
"We have visitors I hear." Rage said as he and Jandar walked toward Jayce." "Introduce us, please."
" Denner Rolson and Corrin Ajakk, this is Rage, King of the Keanna Dragon Clan and Prince Jandar Tyr of the Dark Wolf Clan."
Both Jandar and Rage held out there hands for the two solders to shake. They both stepped up and bowed to them.
" We are honored to meet you and beg for your help."
A look of pain was on both there faces as they bowed.
" How can we help you?" Rage asked them.
" Our country has been invaded by a dark evil man. He killed our royal family, taken out people and infected them with his sickness. There's hardly food in Maveta now. Our children are kept strong enough to work to raise food for his army. The men were all sent to fight for him. This sickness makes us do what he commands. If he were near, I couldn't make this request of you.
" We will do what we can for you." Rage said. " You said something about your prince?"
" Yes Prince Shayn." Denner continued. " He's somewhere in Winterhaven. He was in school. Now he's being hunted by others in black armor. We have to get him out and make sure he's safe."
" Denner." Rage said. " I want to introduce you to someone. Gabriel, please come over here."
A young boy dressed in gray looked up. He had been talking to Shine. Showing him finger movements for magic use.
" Coming." He called. He ran over and stopped in front of them.
" These men are looking for there Prince." Jandar smiled." You might know them."
" DENNER, CORRIN!!!! He jumped into there arms. " I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BOTH!!" "PRINCE SHAYN?"
Together they hugged, all three of them. Tears rolled down his young face as he held his friends. At that moment Shayn felt the sickness in them. It was a black horrid pain that ran all through their bodies.
" Your both sick!" He said. " What happened? No I know. It's Polan. I can feel it just like the others."
" Yes, He did this to us." Corrin said. " And everybody else at home."
" I can heal this." Shayn said." I can make you both better."
" How?" Denner asked.
" I'm one of them now." He told his friends. "A dragon. Let me heal you."
Shayn loved them both. They had protected him and his family all his life. There was nothing he wouldn't do to help them. Shayn took a deep breath, then sent it at their faces. Both men inhaled his breath. There eyes rolled back and there knees buckled and they fell to the ground. Jayce ran to the two men worried.
" Are they alright?"
" There going to be fine. I cured them." Shayn said. " The poison won't ever hurt them again."
Then something caught his attention. A smell.
" What is that I smell? He said. He looked around. There was a man on the ground.
" What?" Jandar asked.
" Him." Shayn pointed.
" Pelic?" Rage said. " I knew he would try something." Rage fumed.
He had tied to grab Jayce. He would roast him. He grabbed him and lifted him with one arm.
" He burns now!!" Rage inhaled.
" NOO!! Shayn said. " He's been poisoned to. He's not responsible he's being controlled. I can help him. Lower him."
Rage did as Shayn asked. He held Pelic out for Shayn. He breathed in his face. Pelic coughed and fell asleep as Rage dropped him.
" Rage." Jandar said. He took his hand. " I have to take him to Ono now."
" I know love. I'll call Gird. He can lead you to the cave." Rage kissed him. " Hurry back."
Rage called out to Gird and he came immediately. Rage told him to take them to the cave.
" Of course," Gird bowed." Shayn take our hands."
He held out his hand for him. All three linked hands.


They vanished and reappeared in the cave next to Ono. There he slept all red faced. His breathing was labored. Jandar knelt down and wiped his face.
" Polan did this." He said. " Can you help him?"
" Yes I can." Shayn said. " Hold him up."
Jandar took his brother in his arms and held him.
" I can heal most with my breath." Shayn said. " But he needs more. I can feel how sick he is. I'm going to give him my blood."
He put his finger in his mouth and bit himself until he began to bleed.
" Open his mouth." Shayn held out his finger. Jandar opened his mouth and Shayn dropped a few drops in his mouth. Ono's face lost the red color and his breathing cleared almost instantly. Ono let out a sigh. The fever was gone. Jandar knew at that moment that he would be fine. He hugged him and rocked back and forth.
" Jandar." Shayn said. "There's dragon in him now. Open your mouth."
" What?" Jandar asked.
" Rage wants me to do this for you and Jayce too." Shayn said.
" It will make you immune to Polan's poison, for one thing."
Without another word Jandar opened his mouth and Shayn dropped the blood into his mouth. A warm feeling began to spread through him. Jandar began to feel stronger. He looked down as Ono's eyes opened.
" Anything to eat?" He said looking around and saw Jandar then the handsome blond boy in grey leather. " I'm hungry. Jandar? Who's he? He's cute."
Jandar laughed and Shayn joined in.
" What's so funny?" Ono asked sitting up.
" Nothing. We're just glad your OK." Jandar told his brother. "This is Shayn, one of our new Dagons."
"Aiya Shayn."
"Shayn, My brother Onacio."
"Ono please." Ono gave Jandar thast look as he ad Shayn shook hands. "I hate that name."
" Wow this place is amazing." Shayn said. " Look at all the dragons!!!"
" Uncles and aunts." Jandar told him.
" This isn't Polan's work. At least I don't sense his poison." Shayn held out his hand to feel the magic in the room. He didn't feel Polan anywhere. But he did feel something. All the dragons were missing something that was vital to there survival."
" Its the Dragon Spirit. And it is Polan's work. Just not his hand." Gird said. " We stole it. That's what started this whole thing. That's why I'm here protecting this place. My brother and I were selfish, looking to get rich. Now hes dead, the dragons cant wake up and Polan is free and destroying everything he touches."
" It seems like a lonely place." Shayn said.
" It is." Gird looked down. " Its my prison."
" Maybe we can help." Jandar said.
" How?" Gird asked.
" Well I can't wake there bodies, but maybe I can wake there minds so your not alone." Jandar summoned his staff and settled down next to Ono.
" I would be so grateful for the company." Gird smiled. Jandar rose up off te ground and held one his staff. The level of magic in the room began to rise. Gold began to float around the room. Deep in concentration Jandar formulated his spell.


All around him Gird began to feel minds stir and waken. One by one they began to greet him. Gird smiled and thanked them telling each of them how glad he was to make their acquaintance.
" I hear them!!!" Gird said. " Thank you so much. i will always be in your debt."
" Thank you for caring for my brother." He said." Come you two. We have to get back to Rage."
" Good bye, Gird." Shayn said." Thank you."
Ono shook his hand then walked over to join Jandar.
" Call if you need me." Gird said.
With a sweeping of his staff they were gone.

Capturing an Angel. 24

The moon was out and the sky was clear as Jayce, Shine and Tomar set up camp. They had no idea how long they were going to be staying. Jandar said he would send for them when it was safe. Jayce was totally lost as to what was on that strange man's mind, but he was sure he wanted nothing to do with him.
" I'm hungry." Tomar said as he blew a jet of flame on a pile off wood to start a fire.
" So am I." Jayce rubbed his stomach." Why don't you two go hunt?"
" I don't know. " Tomar said. " We're to stay with you."
" But you can get food faster then I can. " Jayce said. " Besides, I'm tired from the long flight. I just want to rest. And no one's here but us. Its safe"
" That's not going to happen. " Tomar said. " There's no way I'm leaving you alone for a second. We're here to protect you, and I'd never forgive myself if something happened while we were hunting. Then there's Jandar and Rage. What do I tell them? We were hungry?"
Jayce gave Tomar a look of annoyance. He was hungry and needed food.
" You see these wings?" He spread out his wings. " It takes a lot of energy for me to fly. That means I eat a lot. If I don't eat, I get weak. And I can protect myself you know. I was a captain in my kings guard for years before I started traveling with Jandar and Ono."
" And how will you protect yourself?" Tomar asked.
Jayce patted his sword at his side." With this." He said smiling. He pulled the sword out.
" With that?" Tomar laughed." Against magic?"
Jayce pointed at three boulders on the cliff." Watch this."
He said and pointed at the boulders with this blade. The sword began to glow. Suddenly a bolt of energy shot out and struck one of the boulders. It exploded into rubble and showered them with pebbles and dirt. Jayce smiled and put his weapon back into the scabbard.
" That's some sword!!!" Tomar said brushing off the dust.
" Thanks. Jandar enchanted it." He said. " So you don't have to watch me."
" Yes I do." Tomar told him. " That's what I promised, that's what I I'll do."
Jayce threw up his hands in exasperation. " Then how do we eat?" He asked.
[ I COULD HUNT.] Shine sent to them. They both looked up at him. Jayce laughed.
" What rabbits, mice?" He said through his mirth.
Shine leaped into the air winging his way higher. As he rose he grew to his full height and length. He flew around then landed on the cliff.
" I'm impressed." Jayce said. " That settles it. Shine can hunt, and you can protect me."
Leaping off the cliff, Shine flew out over the bay then turned back into the forest.

Deep in the forest a large group of men in black armor sat in trees and watched Jayce and Tomar as Shine flew off. Denner Ralson leaded the group. He had been a captain in the house of Whitlock. His family had protected the Whitlock royal family for generations. He hated what he was doing now. This Polan was evil and Denner had little choice but to do as he was ordered. No matter how hard he fought he was being controlled by the poison, the pain, and Polan's will. With him he kept men of Maveta. Loyal men. They were determined to find a way to break away from Polan and fight him. Denner climbed down and walked to the tent he used for his command post. He was a very tall handsome man with short blond hair. He walked tall like a soldier should. All his men respected him. Standing in front of his tent was his most trusted aid, Corrin Ajakk. Corrin was waiting on Denner to find out what he wanted there orders were. Denner walked up to Corrin and handed him the glasses that he had been using.
" Well?" Corrin asked. " Do we grab him?"
" Quiet!!" Denner pointed at Pelic. "We can't let him know we're not gonna do what that black hearted bastard wants."
He ushered Corrin into the tent. The sat at the table to talk.
" But you have to know the pain will be back." Denner said. " We're gonna have to take the pain and stay away from Polan. If we get near him he'll be able to control us again."
" I watched him kill the king and the royal family." Corrin said. " It was the worse day of my life. I was in the throne room and there was nothing I could do. I was on the floor riding in pain when that bastard came in."
" Stop!!" Denner said. " Don't relive it. We"re going to have enough pain soon enough."
" I can't help it." Corrin got up and walked around. " That's what I see when I close my eyes."
" That's why we have to fight this." Denner told his friend. He got up and stopped Corrin's pacing.
"Prince Shayn is in Winterhaven, we have to get to him, protect him and see if there's anyone in that city that can cure us."
" But first we have to get rid of..."
Just then the tent flaps opened and Pelic walked in. He looked at Denner and Corrin then smiled.
" I trust everything is going as planned?" He said.
Pelic came over and sat in Denners seat.
" Polan wants the winged man in his camp as soon as possible. When do we move?"
" As soon as you get out of my tent and let me get ready."
Denner folded his arms and waited. Corrin looked at him with such contempt.
" Have a care, Captain." Pelic said. " I have Polan's trust. Do you?"
" I follow my lords orders to the letter." Denner said. "But I see you and he are on first name bases. I'm sure he will enjoy that you think him your equal."
The madness in Pelic's eyes blazed bright. He was so mad a spell was on his lips. He wanted to send fire burning through both of the solders in front of him. But Polan wouldn't like that.
" Be ready to move in half an hour." Pelic pushed his way pass them and out of the tent.
" He must be taken care of tonight. Or all is lost." Denner said.
" What do you want to do?" Corrin moved closer.
" Here's what we will do." Denner said.

Shine had come back with a buck to eat. Tomar butchered it cut out steaks. Jayce had found some wild vegetables to go with it. The smell of the food cooking was mouth watering. They talked as they ate. Shine was back to his small form.
" So Shine." Jayce asked. "How come you never take your human form?"
"You don't miss being human?" He asked.
" You were powerful?" Tomar asked finished off his meal.
" Is there any magic left?" Tomar asked.
Shine turned and twisted his claws. Rocks rose up and flew through the air. With a flick of his claw the rocks turned into butterflies.
" Do you smell that Shine?" Tomar got up and looked around.
Shine flew off into the trees. He wanted height in case he had to grow. Jayce pulled his sword to be ready if something happened. Four men walked out of the trees dressed in black armor, all four armed. Then Jayce turned his head and saw Pelic walk out.
" My winged friend, we meet again," Pelic smiled as he walked toward him.
" What do you what?" Jayce asked holding his sword out.
" A friend of mine wants to meet you." Pelic said. " I'm going to bring you to meet him."
Shine swooped down and roared, Tomar shifted to Blaze. Jayce stood between them.
" You know what?" Pelic said. " I have a spell that can incapacitate any dragon. They will be dead and you will be our prisoner. Say good bye to your friend."
Pelic raised his hands to cast his spell. Jayce's sword began to glow, when suddenly they heard a smack sound. A surprised look came over Pelic's face. He fell forward, flat on his face out cold. Behind him stood a soldier with a mace.
" I've wanted to do that since I first met him." He said smiling.
" What the hell?" Jayce yelled. Two men in black armor walked out. Jayce, Blaze and Shine stood ready to battle them. The two men dropped there weapons and held up there hands. Jayce ,Blaze and Shine looked at each other puzzled as to what was going on. One man walked forward to face Jayce. Both Blaze and Shine could reach out and make a meal of him if they wanted. This man was a brave.
" My name is Captain Denner Ralson." He said.
" This is Lt Corrin Ajakk. Were members of the Maveta Royal guard. We need your help."
" With what?" Jayce asked." To save our Prince and our home." Corrin said.
Blaze shifted back to human form. Shine reduced in size.
" How can we help?" Jayce asked re sheathing his sword and holding out his hand. Denner took his hand and shook it. Tomar held out his hand for Corrin. He hesitated for a second then reached out and grasped his hand.
" We need to get to Prince Shayn." He said. " But we can't enter the city. There are others there that will know us. They will know we betrayed Polan."
"POLAN!!!!!" Jayce and Blaze shouted.
" You know him?" Denner asked.
" Yeah we know him. He poisoned our brother. He's been chasing us for a long time." Jayce told him. " I have to talk to the others. I need to know whats going on in Winterhaven."
Jayce turned to Tomar." Call Rage please. See whats happening there."
Denner and Corrin looked it each other. What did he mean call Rage?
" Who"s Rage?" Denner asked.
" He's our King." Tomar said. " And he's coming here to meet you."
" Then they found the last one?" Jayce asked.
" And its merged. Rage says Gabriel glows." Blaze smiled
"Why is he coming here? Denner asked.
" You asked for our help just a minute ago." Jayce told him. "He and Jandar are the ones to ask. Have a sit, they wont be long."
" There in Winterhaven?" Corrin asked.
" Yes." Jayce said as he sat down.
" So?"
" Winterhaven is two days away." He said. " How can they be here anytime soon?"
Jayce looked at Blaze, then they both burst out in laughter. He spread his wings and started to flap. He rose into the air and hovered there. Denner and Corrin watched in amazement as Jayce moved around. The wind from his wings blew back there hair and swept the leaves and debris all around.
" Did you think my wings were just for show?" He called out as he landed and walked up to the pair of soldiers. " You saw my friends there. They're dragons with wings and everything. He breathes fire. It won't take them long to fly here. So rest for the time being."

The Diamond Rules. 23

" I bid you all Welcome to our city!!" The gray haired man said to them with a smile. " I am Pelic Spicer. I'm a member of The council of Twelve."
Jandar and Rage stepped up to Pelic and extended there hands to him.
" We thank you you for allowing us in to the city." Jandar shook his hand.
" I have a few questions I have to ask before you enter." Pelic said
" Of course." Jandar said as Pelic shook hands and bowed to Rage.
" What is the purpose of your visit?" He asked.
" Were in search of one of my children." Rage told him.
" Really?" Pelic looked at him in a curious way. " There are no dragons here. Well none being held against there will. We have a council member named Insa. He represents all the none humans in our city. He wishes to meet with you."
" We will be honored." Rage said to him. " But my mission? Can we proceed?"
" You will have to take that up with Insa." Pelic said staring at Jayce. " Perhaps he can help you."
" Where can we find him? Jandar asked.
" He comes now." Pelic stepped up to Jayce. " You are most welcome here."
Jayce was a little hesitant to shake his hand. There was something in the way he looked at him that scared him. But to be courteous, Jayce shook his hand and bowed. A dark shadow passed over there heads and a older gray dragon landed. In a huge cloud of smoke he shifted to human form and came over to greet them.
" Welcome my Lord." Insa bowed to Rage. He held his head down until Rage asked him to stand.
" Rise Grand sire." Rage said. " I should be bowing to you Elder."
" Nonsense young king." Insa held out his hand for Rage. " You and your clan are welcome in my home."
" We thank you for you hospitality." Rage said shaking his hand. As he touch Insa, Insa sent him a message.
[THANK YOU. I WILL,] Rage sent back to him.
" Young man." Pelic said to Jayce. " Will you accept my invitation to visit my home?"
" I'm sorry." Rage said as he stepped between them. " But Jayce won't be staying."
Jayce started to say something but was stopped by a look from Rage. Jayce knew Rage must have a reason he wanted him out of the city, And he trusted Rage with his life.
" Yes." Jayce said. " There's something I have to do."
Jandar pulled Jayce aside to talk to him away from the others.
" You can hear me when I call you right?" Jandar said.
" Yeah I can. " He said.
" Rage wants you away from here." Jandar said. " It has to do with that man. Go back to the campsite on the shore, and take Shine and Blaze with you. I don't want you alone for a second. I wont lose another brother."
" You won't." Jayce hugged him. " I'll wait for you to call. Hurry and find that egg."
" We will." Jandar said letting him go. " Blaze!!"
" Yes?" He answered.
" Please take Shine and go with Jayce." He told him . " I don't want him here, its not safe. And I don't want him alone either."
" As you wish."
He held out his hand and Shine came to him. They all said good byes and they were off for the campsite. Jayce spread his wings and took off as Blaze shifted to dragon and launched himself into the skies with Shine following. Jandar watched them fly away. If something happens to Jayce, the world better watch out.
[ He'll be safe with them?] Jandar sent.
[ Yes love.] Rage sent back.

After getting rid of the sailor, Shayn made his way to the residential section of the city. His strumpet guise was all wrong for this area. A beautiful girl in silks would be noticed in a blink, so he switched back to the nobleman. Up and down different streets he went looking for an entrance he could use. Here there were beautiful homes of the rich. Palaces almost. Shayn knew what it was like living among these people, As a Prince he'd been sheltered all his life, kept away from what his father called lower class people. His father was a bit of a snob, but he took care of all his people. There were no homeless in Maveta. His father made sure no one went hungry. Shayn was really proud of the way his father ruled. He was just and fair. Rich or poor, His people loved there king and fought for there king and way of life. So what happened? Why was his family dead? The pain hit him at that moment. Tears streamed down his face as he saw the faces of his parents and his brothers in his mind. But he had to keep going for them, for all of them. Shayn had to find out what happened and who was responsible for all this. There was only one way to do that. He had to live. And now he had to get to the sewer and find whatever it was Drobi was talking about. Up ahead he saw an entrance hidden behind a stand of trees. He made for it. Suddenly he heard shouting behind him. He turned and saw the black armored men running toward him from down the lane. Shayn took off running for the entrance He didn't really know if they were after him but standing there to wait was not what he planned. Shayn reached the entrance way. There was a ramp that ran down and underground blocked by a locked gate. Shayn looked back to see the armored men getting closer. With the twist of his finger the lock fell apart, Shayn threw open the gate and ran down the ramp, his legs pumping fast. As he reached the bottom he looked back. The men were coming in, they were after him. Somehow no matter what disguise he used, they saw through it. How? There had to be some magic being used here. Shayn took off splashing through the water. He had to lose them to search these sewers. OK, he thought. Disguises don't work so invisibility probably won't work either. What's next? An idea popped into his head. As he ran he pulled out a dagger from his bag. With a swift motion Shayn cut his palm until he was bleeding. Then a quick spell
Three versions of Shayn appeared. He smeared all three of them with his blood giving them his scent. He then gave all three of them something of his. Then all four Shayn's moved out to where the men could see them and they split up running in different directions. Shayn stepped back into the shadows and with magic covered himself to hide. Staying quiet he listened as they came closer.
" Our master whats the prince dead, and he wants proof." The leader said." You to the left and you take the right. I'm going down the middle. Remember. He wants proof. Now both of you get moving."
The three men took off after Shayn's doppelgangers with sword in hand. There lives depended on this mission they knew it. Polan, there master wouldn't abide failure. Shayn watched as they ran off following him, He let out his breath and relaxed for a second. It worked, now he had some time to search without those men chasing him. He felt a warm feeling coming from his finger. It was Drobi's ring. It was showing him where to go. He moved to the left and to became colder, so he turned and moved the other way. The ring warmed up. So that's how it works. Shayn moved off following te rings directions With some luck, his replacements would keep them busy until he was finished.

" My eggs is here in this city." Rage told Insa. " You haven't felt anything?"
" Weeks ago." He said. " I thought i felt a dragon nearby, but sometimes others interfear with my senses. I'm afraid to say my king, I'm getting old."
" That's alright Insa." He said. " You have a very high position here. Without you I doubt i could have gotten in the city. We are in your debt."
" My pleasure majesty." Insa smiled. "I will escort you through the city."
" Thank you my friend." Rage smiled at him.
As they walked through the city, Rage could feel the egg. Getting closer with every step. He knew he would find it today.
" Insa." Jandar asked. "Whats with Pelic? What does he want with Jayce?"
" Pelic is a dark mage." He said. " Do you know whats going on? There's a war on its way."
Jandar turned a looked at Cutter. Cutter nodded to him
" Ive felt it." Cutter said. " The fear."
" A fear dragon?" Insa's eyes widen. "Impressive! I fear Pelic is in league with this dark man. I know hes been searching for a man with wings. Why I don't know. But he means to turn him over to his new master. We're not sure who this dark man is, but we wont side with him. But there are those that crave power and will help him.
"Insa." Rage said. " Hes a Shadow Dragon."
Insa stopped right there with a look of horror on his face. He knew what that meant. The only dragon that could become evil. He knew things were about to get real bad.
" One of yours? He asked.
" Yes." Rage told him. " Seven eggs were stolen. One was an Onyx. The one we're looking for is a diamond"
" And im guessing it was stolen by a powerful evil mage." he said.
" A necromancer." Jandar told him. " Polan Dressak."
" I have to tell the council."Insa said. " This is serious. Of all the magic users that could have merged with that egg a necromancer would be the most dangerous. We have work to do to get ready. You find your egg. A white dragon will be needed. Go find it."
Insa moved away then shifted into his smoke dragon form and flew off.
" We have to go underground." Rage told everybody.
" Rage." Ariel said. " Glance slowly to your left."
Rage turned as she said. He saw five men in black armor coming out of a shop there arms loaded with food.
" Those are Polan's men." Cutter said. " I can feel his touch in them."
" In them?" Nautica asked. " What do you mean?"
" I don't know." Cutter shook his head. " He guides them somehow."
" We can stop them." Ariel said. " I could send a few lightning bolt."
" No." Rage said. " The egg is more important. We have to find a way underground now. Come on, lets go."
It didn't take very long for them to find an entrance to the sewers or for them to get in. Rage had a real connection now to his egg. Being this close to the egg he knew which way to go so they ran.
" We are not alone down here." Cutter said as they ran.
" Don't tell me." Dreik said. " Polan's men."
" Yes, and another." Cutter shouted.

The ring in Shayn's hand was very hot now. He could hardly hold it. He turned a corner and heard someone call his name.
He stopped, not sure what he heard. Then he started moving again.
" Who's there?" he called.
Shayn looked around. Over in the corner trapped under some debris he saw something shining. What was it? He walked over and looked down. A diamond? Was this a diamond?
Shayn bent down to pick it up when he heard another voice.
He looked up and saw ten men coming after him. Shayn grabbed the diamond and sent a fireball into the crowd. then he took off running away from them.
"AFTER HIM!!" The soldier with the red crest on his helmet shouted. "DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!"
Shayn ran as fast as he could trying to out run them. He knew he could stop and fight, but he didn't have a chance against ten men with swords and bows. He also knew he couldn't out run them, but he had to try. So he ran on. Turning the corner he ran into somebody. Shayn fell to the ground clutching the diamond. Expecting more armed men he readied another more powerful fireball. He looked up and saw six people staring at the egg. Who were they? The people the owned the diamond? He had to warn them about the armored men.
"Get behind us and protect the egg." The man dressed in red said.
Just then the soldiers came around the and saw them.They stopped.
" Give him to us!!" The leader pushed his way out front. He wore the red crest. He must be in command.
" Who are you? Rage demanded.
" Someone you don't want trouble with." He said.
" I don't know" Dreik said. " We're always in trouble."
" If you hand over the boy. We'll let you go. And we wont hurt any of you." The man smiled and folded his arms, still holding his sword.
" If you leave we wont hurt you." Rage said. " I think that's fair."
All the men began to laugh. they felt no threat from these people.
" Guess were going to have to take him from you." He said." I don't see any weapons. I tire of this. Take him."
Three men came forward and went to push past them. One man raised his sword at Rage. Ariel quickly raised her hand and sent a blast of wind that pushed them all back off there feet.
" One last chance to leave alive," Rage said.
" Get Him!!"
They all charged at them. Jandar summoned his staff and waved it in front of them, again sending them all flying down the sewer to the other end. As they tried to get up, Nautica called up the water in the sewer into a wave that washed most of them away. Three men remained, Ariel called on a storm. Lightning flashed as bolts flew at them. Standing in water the last three men were blasted. There bodies flew through the air and landing burned at the other end. Shayn watched in amazement as they took care of the men that chased him all day. What magic he thought[
Shayn looked at diamond. What kind of magic is this? Rage walked over and stood with him. Hes going to be the youngest and hes going to have his egg. He could see his magic glow. This boy is very powerful.
" I am King Rage." He said. " I'm honored to meet you." he held out his hand to Shayn.
Shayn looked up at him.
" I am Prince Shayn Whitehall. Of Maveta." Shayn took his hand and shook it.
" What is it?" He looked down at the great stone in his hand.
" Your future." Rage told him.
" My future is so unsure." Shayn said sadly. He looked down at the diamond. It felt warm to him and it was shaking a little.
" If you want he can make you future brighter."
Rage put his hand on the young mans shoulder.
" How?" He asked. " I'm a Prince with out a kingdom. My family's been killed, My masters been killed. I have no one left."
Shayn stared down at the egg. Then up at Rage in wonder.
" Yes." He told him. " I heard him too."
" You said its my future. What do you mean?" Shayn asked.
" What did you mean about your family? Rage asked.
" My homes been invaded. Maveta." Shayn looked away. " The man that did it killed my family. He sent those men after me to make sure I'm dead. Now I'm alone and I have no way to help my people."
" Thank you." Shayn said. Then he laughed. " I must be going crazy. Im talking to a giant gem. Here." He tried to hand it to Rage.
" Shayn if you can avenge your family." Rage asked. " Do you want to?"
" Yes." He said.
" Will you help you people, even if you have to give up your crown? "Rage looked him in the eyes.
" Yes." He said. " Being king doesn't matter. The people do."
" Ariel!!" Rage called.
" Yes Sire?" She said.
" Show him."
Ariel backed up and shifted to dragon form. She became the beautiful golden tan weather dragon. She flexed her wings and moved her head to close to Shayn and Rage. Rage stood and rubbed her snout.
" Don't be afraid Shayn, We're all dragons." He said.
Ariel shifted back to human form.
" As you will be to." She said. " If you want. And we will be family. And you can be sure we will help you free your people."
"Will it hurt?" He asked.
" That is my egg you hold." Rage said.
" But your a man? Shayn said."How?"
Rage laughed a deep laugh, As did the others.
" All dragons lay eggs Shayn." He said. " It doesn't matter if your male or female."
" You mean i will to?"
" Not for hundreds of years." Rage told him. " Do you accept?"
" You promise to help free my people? He asked.
" Yes i do."Rage answered.
" Then yes i will accept." Shayn said.
"What must i do?"
The diamond began to break apart and a head poked out. It moved into Shayn's chest and merged with him.A look of pure joy overcame him a he felt the love the Gabriel filled him with. Shayn felt himself beginning to grow, his clothes started to shed. His skin turned totally white as his limbs became scaled. He's hands and feet became claws and talons. A long tail grew with a spade at the end. Along his spine short ridges grew and his wings. Last to change was his head. His maw extended and teeth grew. His eyes began to glow gold. Two horns grow now stood on his head. Gabriel roared his pleasure.
" Rise Gabriel, the White Dragon of Spirit!!!" Rage smiled." Welcome brother!!!"
They all shouted. Jandar stepped forward. Rage looked at him and knew what he wanted. Ono must be cure as soon as possible.
" Don't worry Love." He said. " That's where we're going next."

Shine on you Crazy Diamond. 22

Shayn Whitehall sat in class at the Andrake Academy and listened closely to Maduso the instructor talk about gesture magic. The fact that sometimes spells could not be spoken and all you had were your hands. Certain movements of your hands could bring on very elaborate magic and complex spells. The twist of the wrist, the movement of a finger, the turning of the hand could cause magic just as powerful as any spell. To demonstrate the instructor raised his hand and simply twisted his wrist and a glowing disc appeared. The class all exclaimed a sigh in wonder. This was great Shayn thought. He was glad Drobi had suggested he learn this magic. Every since the young blond boy had came to Winterhaven and he had met Drobi his mentor, his fascination with magic grew more everyday. Drobi had seen the potential for magic in him and shown him the possibilities of what he could do. He had explained spells and incantations, potions and hexes. All the different kinds of magic that he knew. He told him of the evil things to. Demonology, necromancy, certain types of sorcery, how it changed you once you started using it. He called it the Path to Destruction. Once on this path, it was almost impossible to get off. Shayn swore never to use any of these practices. Shayn was very good it magic. It seem there was no spell or incantation he couldn't master. Some spells like a simple fire or light or healing spell could be used again and again. Elaborate spells could only be used once. Shayn had finished spell making courses and Drobi had taking him on as his apprentice. His master was the one that sent him to learn gesture magic. He had said it was one of the most important things he will every learn. For years he had been taking random classes and this was the day he graduated, if he passed his test. So he sat going over all his lessons in his mind waiting to be called. He watched student after student take his test. Some passed and some failed miserably. He spotted all the mistakes the failed ones made. To nervous, not concentrating, wrong hand movement for what they wanted to do. The ones that failed would have to study and wait a year before taking the test again. He was so glad his father had insisted he come to Winterhaven for schooling. He expected him to learn all the things a king would be expected to learn. Strategy, diplomacy, law making, all these thing Drobi made sure he learned before his magic studies. And he did.
Shayn was a medium sized boy with blond curly locks and twinkling blue grey eyes. He was an excellent student all his teachers praised him and he had many friends here. What a surprise it will be when he returned home and they learn of his abilities, how well he had done here.
" Shayn Whitehall."
It was his turn. He pushed back his chair and suddenly a note appeared on his desk. It was from Drobi. As he stood and started forward he opened it and read it.
The note disappeared in a puff of smoke. Shayn looked at Maduso and shrugged.
" I have to go." He said.
" You know you won't be able to retest again for a year?" Maduso said.
" Yes." Shayn nodded saddly. " But my master says to come now."
" Then you must go. He knows how important this is. It must be urgent. If I can work something out for you Shayn. I will."
Shayn walked up and clasped hands with him. He had really enjoyed his class. Then with a few quick hand movements, Shayn produced a golden dove which landed on Maduso's shoulder. The dove was the last part of the test, the hardest part.
" I will consider that a pass." He said applauding his approval. " Now go."
Shayn grabbed his bag off the desk and ran out of the room. What could cause Drobi to call him now? He almost didn't pass. Thank the gods Maduso had seen how well he did all year and passed him. Shayn ran down the hall and into the exit booth. He disappeared and reappeared outside the building. Quickly he ran through the city until he reached Drobi's cottage. He stopped at the door. It was open. This door never opened. It was one of Drobi's rules. Magic in, magic out, never use the door. It helped Shayn learn to transport himself. He heard a noise inside. Shayn crept closer and listened.
" He's not here." He heard, " What do we do?"
" We get rid of this old man before someone finds us." Another voice said. " Then we come back and wait. The Prince will come back sooner or later. Come on get his feet."
Shayn had no offensive spells ready for fighting. But there was always gesture magic. He raised his hands and waited for them to come out. Two men walked out carrying Drobi. Shayn pointed his hands at the men and flicked his wrist. Both men froze as if someone was holding them in giant hands. They dropped Drobi's bloody body.
" What is this?" One said.
" Magic stupid." Shayn said walking out to confront them. " You won't move until I let you go."
He rushed to Drobi's side and knelt down at his side. He propped him up and wiped the blood from his face.
" Master." Shayn cried." Your hurt."
" Get rid of them." He said. " I have much to tell you."
" How master?" He asked.
" Use a spell." Drobi told him coughing up blood and wheezing.


With that the two men shimmered and vanished from sight. Shayn bent down and held Drobi. The master was in bad shape. Blood ran from his bruised face and mouth. All his fingers were broken. Shayn tried a healing spell but to no avail, his injuries were to bad. Drobi had lost to much blood. He was dying.
" Master." Shayn cried tearfully.
" I'll get someone that can help you."
" No." He said as he reached up and took his hand. " Listen, your home has been invaded. Your family is dead. Im sorry to have to tell you all this but they're after you now and I don't have time to go easy. You must get away from here."
Shayn listened to him in shock. His mother and father. His brothers dead. Who was behind this?
" How?" he asked as Drobi choked on the blood in his throat. Shayn wiped his mouth.
" Mavata was taken by a necromancer." Drobi said. " He's sweeping through the lands conquering every city and state he falls on. Soon they will be here. I don't think the Council will be able to stop him."
" Then what do I do?" Shayn asked through tears. " Run?"
" No." He said. " You must go down to the sewers. What you need is there. Find it."
" What is it master?" Shayn asked him confused.
" I don't know." His eyes began to close. Drobi was fading. " Take my ring. It will help you. I saw dragons Shayn. You and dragons. Be safe little one. Find the dragons......"
Drobi died there in his arms. Shayn held him and cried. He took the ring off his finger and put it on. The ring changed size to fit him.

A beautiful city loomed in front of them, as they walked out of the forest. Rage and Jandar stood and gazed it at. It sparkled and gleamed with magic. Rage had never seen buildings like these, neither had some of the others. Jandar and Jayce had. They had been in Winterhaven before long ago in there youth.
" What a fantastic place." Dreik said. " I've never seen a city so big."
" Its easy to get lost here so all of you stay close." Jandar told them. " Your all sensitive to magic, So don't be drawn to anything you see. This city is much bigger then it looks, and there are people here you can't trust."
" Polan's people are here." Rage said.
" What?" Blaze asked. " We should be far ahead of him."
" Things have changed." Rage said with a frown." Somethings not right about him."
" He's the one that sent the dead dragons?" Cutter asked as he and his sister walked out and joined them.
" Yes." Rage told them. " Polan made them."
" Well your right." Ariel said. " Somethings not right with him."
" There's something else." Cutter told them." I can feel all the fear that's being sent out. Its like I'm being bombarded with fear. Its coming from everywhere, and its getting stronger everyday." " What do you mean?" Jandar asked. " There's always going to be fear out there."
" Yes." Cutter said. " I felt the fear around me as soon as I merged. But this is different. In the last few days its become so strong that I know there must be a war going on close to us. And I feel its coming from the north and its getting closer and stronger."
" How do you know its Polan?" Jayce asked him. " You've never met him."
"No I didn't. But I was around the dragon." Cutter told them. " That dragon has the same feel. My powers stem from emotions. My magic can trace the fear, and it leads back to a man in black, shadowed by a BLACK DRAGON."
"And that's Polan." Dreik said. " So what do we do.?"
" We get on with what we are doing, we find that last egg. Ono's counting on us." Rage told them. "Come on everybody lets go."
They all started walking toward the city with hope in mind. This was the last egg, the one they needed to save Ono. Jayce would do anything to save him. He was almost as important to him as JP, his love at home. Then a thought hit him. What if JP was in trouble. Fear hit him hard, he felt his stomach turn as they walked. Cutter walked up next to him and touched his shoulder. Jayce looked back at him.
" Jayce, I feel your fears." Cutter said. "If you want, I can check."
" Check what?" Jayce asked.
" I felt the fear hit you. Your worried about someone." He said. "I can check on him with your help."
" Really?" Jayce smiled. "Please, after what you said I'm worried about him and his family."
" Take my hand. and think about him." Cutter reached out and took Jayce's hand. He closed his eyes and felt Jayce's fear. That took him to JP's home in Dorlanth. He found him helping his brother with his school work. They looked happy.
"They're all fine." Cutter told him.
" Can we contact him?" Jayce asked feeling his distant love, almost close enough to touch.
" No I cant, maybe Jandar can." Cutter smiled.
" Thank you." Jayce said to him shaking his hand.
" I'm glad I could help." He said.
Jayce ran up to catch up with Jandar and Rage. They were planning there movements once they reached the city.
" We may have to search the whole city." Jandar said. " This is not going to be easy"
" No." Rage said. " I'm going to have to do the searching. You forget, I feel the egg when I get near it. Its my egg, I feel it already. Its here.
" Can I ask a question?" Jayce asked.
" Of course." Jandar smiled.
" My wings?" Jayce flexed them out to full wingspan. " Shouldn't I be hiding them? We don't want to bring to much attention to ourselves."
" You can if you want." Jandar told him. " But your traveling with seven dragons and a werewolf. You think anyone's going to notice your wings?"
" Good point." Jayce said. " What are we going to do? There not going to just let us walk in. Seven dragons can't just walk into a city. Can you hide them?"
" Not a chance." Jandar said. Rage stopped and turned to Jandar. He had a look of annoyance on his face.
" Then what do you plan to?" He asked. " I thought you would be able to do it. Hide us I mean. I need to search."
" Relax." Jandar said. " There's no possible magic in the world that could hide us from them. This is the most magical place I know of in the world. With more mages, warlocks, witches, sorcerers and other magical folk together in one place. Someone's going to see us as what we are."[
" Then how?" Rage asked.
" Your a King. I'm a Prince. " He said. " And dragons aren't wild animals. The Council will recognize us as intelligent beings. We're going to have to ask permission to enter. They'll Let us in, don't worry."
" There's one more problem." Cutter said.
" What?" Rage asked out of frustration.
" There here too." He said. " I can feel the fear they carry with them."
" Oh great!!" Dreik said. "We're gonna have to worry about Polan too?"
" No." Cutter said. " He has people here, but he's not here."
" That's a relief. Dreik said with a shrug

After placing Drobi in the cottage in his bed, Shayn put a concealment spell on himself and set off for the sewers to find whatever it was Drobi wanted him to find. He looked like an old noble man to the untrained eye. Only a more trained wizard could see through his disguise. Shayn felt safe walking around. He doubted they had any wizards with them searching for him. There were many entrances to the underground. For rain, trash, waste or for people, Shayn had to find one with the least amount of people around it. He didn't want anyone to see what he was doing or be followed. He'd seen the soldiers looking for him. Dressed in their black armor they stood out here among all the people dressed in robes. Not even the city guard here wore armor, with magic there was no need for it. Ahead of him were three black armored men watching him move down the street. Out of the corner of his eye he saw them start to follow behind him. Shayn quickened his pace, he wasn't sure if they somehow had pierced his disguise and he didn't want to take that chance. He hurried around the corner and noticed he was on a street lined with taverns. Young girls in the pleasure business were out on the street. Sipping water from cups as they smiled at all the sailors and other men visiting the bars and taverns. He whispered a new concealment spell, this time he became a young woman dressed as a strumpet. She wore bells and silk, in different shades of blue and red. Bangles of gold and silver around her wrist, waist, and ankles. He moved to mix with the rest of the girls on the street. Standing at a table he watched the armored men come around the corner looking for him. Shayn moved slowly away from them, he wasn't sure how they saw though his spell and he didn't want them to get to close in case that could see though his magic. They checked every man there but ignored the woman. He had an idea. He walked up to a sailor drunk and alone. He wrapped his arms around him and whispered a simple spell that hypnotized him. Then laughing he led him off down the street leaving the armored men searching the taverns.

" My God!!: Jayce said as they walked up to the gates." It really looks like heaven!!"
And it did. Everything was pearly white and perfect. No debris or weeds. Not a thing out of place. You could even almost hear soft music on the wind. Everyone stared it the beauty of it all. Up on the top of the wall stood men dressed in white robes. No arms or armor could be seen none would be needed here in this magical city.
" GREETINGS!!!" Jandar called. " We would enter the city."
The massive gate opened and a gray haired man walked out. He carried a staff and was dressed all in black. He walked up to them and stopped. He bowed to them.
"Greetings to you all." He said. "What can we do for you?"
" I am Prince Jandar Tyr, of The Dark Wolf Clan." He said. " This is Rage, King of the Keanna Dragons. We want to enter your city."
" Dragons and a werewolf." The man said. Then he saw Jayce, his eyes widen. " I will send in your request." He said and hurried back in. They all looked at each other.
" What just happened ?" Asked Sarah. Jandar and Rage looked at Jayce.
" Seems he was more interested in Jayce." Rage said.
" Told you I should hide the wings." Jayce said.
" You think we will still get in?" Ariel asked. " After that?"
[ I'M SURE OF IT.] Shine curled his tail around Rage's neck. At that moment the gates swung wide open, The gray haired man stood there to greet them as they came in.

Warpath. 21

In the front of the column of warriors Polan rode on one of his dragons. His men had returned and Polan decided Pennora would be next. So far they had taken two other city states after Maveta. One a Elf city and the other a large human community. From each he took what he wanted and set up a governor to rule while he was away.So far nothing could stand in his way. Shadoe and the dragons could take down any walls. No Weapon could hurt them. Those that refused to accept him received the poison and fell under Polan's influence. Three men came riding up on Polan. Two were generals from Mavata, one was a elf from Trindell. All dressed in bloody armor from fighting. Polan stopped his dragon for them.
" Any news on Prince Shayn?" Polan asked.
" Yes Sire." The elven warrior said. " He is in school in Winterhaven."
" The sorcerer city." Polan got down from the dragon. " We'll have to visit there soon."
" Have a care Sire." The elf said. " They are very powerful. The council controls the whole city and the surrounding area. There are dark wizards too."
" Perhaps they will join me. Or I can persuade them." Polan reached out to touch the elf. He drew back from him. Polan reached out and grabbed him by his neck.
"You are mine to do as I please." He screamed at him. " If i want you dead, that's what you shall be. So die fool!"
He racked his face and threw him down. The elf screamed and withered in pain on the ground. His face began to swell as the poison took affect. His mouth opened as his tongue filled it until he couldn't breath. The elf died there and Polan kicked him out of the way as he walked pass.
" Now." he said. " Leave him there. Whats the reason we have stopped? is there a problem here?"
"There's a magical barrier around the city." One of the generals said. " We cant get through it."
" Get out of my way." Polan said. He pushed pass and walked toward the city. Polan held out his hand probing for the barrier. there it is. As he touched it it shimmered but stood hard. He needed a spell to get through. Polan sat down and concentrated and the sky grew darker, his power grew around him.
" When i bring down this barrier, i want everybody in. Take no prisoners, not even woman or children."


Lightning began to fall time and time again striking the barrier. With great thunderous noise and flashes of light it fell. Polan waved his army in. Every man charged in to do as his master commanded. Polan folded his arms and laughed as his men took down the gates and began to slaughter the people. Screams filled the night, and blood ran everywhere. Polan loved it. This world would be his, all of it. And Rage and the rest wont be able to defeat me now.
" HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!......

Shadoes Conquest. 20

Deep in thought Polan sat in his study pondering his next move. Conquest was on his mind. Forget the dragons,he had power enough to begin his campaign. His mountain was his, now it was time to branch out and make his kingdom. Polan rose up and walked out of the house. He looked around and watched his dead men carrying out his orders. He would need more, many more dead men to his plans.Then he had an idea. He could create a plague to infect mens minds so he can control them, wipe out free will and make them his servants.Yes, lots of grave dust and a spell. He and the Dragons could fly over the nearest kingdom and spread it over the city, infecting everyone. Then just walk in and take over. That would be the beginning of his army. Then he would would move city to city, taking what he wanted.
" All of you. Come to me"
He said to a group of dead men walking by. They walked over and bowed.
" I want you to get barrows of dirt from the graveyard and bring it to me here."
They all backed off to do as they were told. Polan walked toward the back of his manor to find his dragons waiting there for him.
" My pets." He said. " We have work to do. This world will soon be ours. Stay here and wait for me to come for you."
The two dead dragons roared. The blue feathered one was no longer there. He had sent it after Rage and it had been destroyed. Doesn't matter, he could make more if he needed. Polan walked back to the manor to mix the things that he would need for his spell. Soon he was done and six barrows were ready. Polan walked out and started his spell.


Smoke began to rise from each barrow,the dirt became black as night and give off a noxious smell. Polan smiled and spit into the foul earth then he called his two pets. He pointed to the barrows and shifted to Shadoe.
Shadoe grabbed a barrow and took to the sky, as his pets followed him.The first great kingdom they came to was Maveta. Shadoe cracked open his container and let the dirt drift on the winds. Maveta was a very big kingdom with a mighty army to support it. In a few days it would be his army, all begging for a cure and a way to ease there pain. He would ease the pain, as long as they followed his commands. But not the royal family, they had to die. No one must be alive to get in his way. No rallying the unaffected peasants would be happening. He knew there would be some that got away or somehow was unaffected, he would round them up and dispose of them. The skies turned gray as the poisoned earth began to fall. Any birds that were caught in the cloud fell dead to the ground. On the ground small animals died, cats and dogs. horses and cattle lived. One good thing did happen, there will be no more rodents in Maveta. Making sure it spread all over the city Shadoe was satisfied with the job he had done . The poison cloud would fall all over the city and surrounding area. With a final look he turned back to his mountain. In two days he would go claim his city. To bad he couldn't take the whole world like this, but magic just didnt work like that. No spell could be used twice. Its a good thing he saved three barrows. Just in case he ran into a difficult region he'd be prepared.

Two days later at sundown Polan flew off as Shadoe to claim his city. From high up he didnt see any movement in the city, all was still. He landed in the field outside the gate. It was wide open and no one manned it. He smiled his wicked smile and walked on. Inside the city he saw people laying everywhere. Crawling around and retching there guts out. His poisons had worked like e planned. All these people were new his to so as he pleased. He kept walking until he came to the palace. There he threw opened the doors and made his challenge.
" I am Polan Dressak." He said." Master Necromancer and your new king. Where is the old king?"
Two guards tried to get up and defend there King. Polan pointed at them and blasted them with his shadow power, they crumpled to the ground withered old corpses. On he walked to the throne room, where he found the king slumped on the throne. He opened his eyes and looked at Polan. He had never met this man before him, but he knew he was responsible for what was plaguing his lands. He didn't have the strength to rise or so anything else.
" Your the one that did this." He said. " Why?"
Polan laughed and pushed him off the throne then climbed on himself. He looked down on the king.
" You had something i wanted." He said. " You don't anymore. Now lay there and dies please, while i take your kingdom."
Reaching into his pocket Polan pulled out a large vial, he opened it and throw it into the air. A mist started to roam through the castle. As the people breathed it they began to feel better.. Everyone in the throne room began to move.Polan reached down and scratched the king.
" You are all my people now." He sais. " As long as you serve me the pain and sickness will stay away. But anyone that displeases me will die from the sickness i placed on you all. Look at your king, how he ages and dies before you. I now go and kill the royal family. Let it be known. If you try and leave, you will die running away. I wont have to chase you, your already mine. So Just accept me as your King or you can all die. Pretty soon you'll realize you cant resist my command. I will control all of you like at or not."
Polan made his way through the palace, from the Queens suite to the three princes room. Killing those he found. Prince Shayn's room was empty. He must be somewhere on the grounds suffering. No matter, if hes here anywhere he would find him. Soon all his belongings would be here and he would be ready to move his army out. Polan would called the generals to him give them his orders. By morning his poison would would have bent them to his will. Then he can send men out to discover which landed to take next.

Amethyst and Topaz are Born. 19

Jayce and Nautica returned and heard what had happened while they were away. Jayce was upset with himself. He felt it was his job to protect Ono and he had failed. He walked off to be alone. He didn't want to face Jandar. Ono was hurt because he wasn't there. Sarah in her blue gown followed him.
" Wait Jayce." She ran to catch up with him, Jayce waited.
" What do you want?" He asked, his head down.
" You blame yourself don't you?" She said.
" Of course I do." He said looking away. " Ono is like my little brother. And I wasn't there to protect him."
" He's our little brother too." She looked into his eyes. " He had three dragons with him. He was well protected. But we can't be everywhere can we? We're going to suffer loses in this. You can't protect everyone."
" I only had to protect him!!" He said. " And I wasn't there!! How do I face Jandar?"
" Your Jandar's brother too. I know he won't blame you. He's not that kind of man." She said.
" No I'm not." Jandar walked out from the shadows. " This was not your fault. I know you protect us, and I'm glad to have your protection. But Ono is a big boy. And he's going to be fine with our help." Jandar hugged Jayce. Tears rolled down Jayce's face as he sobbed
" Your not to blame here." He said. " Polan is, and we're going to do something about that. Now we have to move out. So let's get ready to go."
Together the three of them walked back to camp. Everyone was gathered around Ono, watching him sleep. Sad faces all around.
" We can't take him with us." Jandar said.
" I'll stay with him." Jayce volunteered.
" No." Rage said. " I know what to do."
[GIRD!!!] He sent out his call.

Deep in the dragon cave Gird heard his king calling him. He knew he had to answer him. Gird walked to the entrance and spread his wing. He took to the skies.
With that Jandar's spell took him to his king. He reappeared hovering over the camp, his wings working to hold him in place. Below he saw Rage and the rest, so Gird came down to land.
" I'm here." Gird bowed to Rage, His head down.
" I have a job for you." Rags told him. " I want you to take Ono back to the cave and care for him with the others."
" I will Sire." He said as he stood. " Sire, Polan paid a vist to the cave. He did not get in. I'm sorry to say, I can't defeat him in a fight."
Rage patted Gird on his back. He knew Gird couldn't beat Polan. His job was to warn him should he get in.
" Just call me, and i\I'll come." he said." Now you take Ono and watch over our little brother."
" I swear." Gird moved to pick him up.
" No." Jandar said. " Just hold his hand and think about where your going. I'll do the rest."
Gird did as he was told, gripping Ono's hand. Jandar gestured and spoke.


Gird and Ono vanished and reappeared in the cave
[WE'RE SAFE SIRE] Rage heard in his mind.
" There safe. Lets get moving." Rage said to them all.

Jake Eventide was having a terrible day. So far his father had yelled at him for losing his bow during the hunt. He had dropped it chasing a stag that got away, thank the gods. Jake hated hunting, he didn't eat meat and never would. He was a vegetarian. But his father insisted he join the hunt like a good prince. Losing the stag had upset his father so Jake just went home. His younger brother Ryel had left the gate open and all his friends, the birds and animals he cared for had been scared away. Another reason his parents were upset with him. They wanted him and his sister Seven to settle down. His parents were royalty among the elven people here. The king and queen and he was one of eight children. Seven and Jake had responsibilities to tend to. Jake was to train for a life in the military. Not something he looked forward to. Fighting was not a problem. He was from a warrior people. Their soldiers were second to none. Seven and Jake were trained in warfare. As children they were both trained to protect themselves and others. Weapons were not strangers to either of them. But Jake loved life and animals not war. And Seven liked to make things. Things that moved, things that worked. She made for the people a mill that produced grain at a much higher quantity. Also a way to pump water to trees they couldn't reach or harvest before. Unfortunately that was considered men's work, something no elf maiden should ever do. But it's what she likes doing. So father gave all credit to there older brother Zaoir. Other then the family, no one knew Seven had built those devices. And it was forbidden to speak of it to anyone. She didn't really mind, it was being treated like she was just a pretty thing to be made some lords wife that bothered her. She would have no part of that. Her job as the oldest daughter was to bind alliances between her kingdom and another of her fathers allies. So far five princes had come to court her. Rich over indulgent boys, with no sense of purpose, but to lord over others as they thought was there right. Seven wouldn't stand for that life. She wanted to be more then an ornament on someones arm
Jake stepped into the palace entry tree which only members of the royal family could use. He rode the winds up and then walked out and looked up. There he saw his sister Seven on a balcony looking down at him. He waved at her to come down and talk to him. Jake walked over and leaned on a railing and waited. Seven walked out to meet him, They were twins. Both six foot three inches in height, long white blond hair. identical strong elven features. Seven wore a beautiful pale green gown and that matched her eyes. Jake wore brown leathers. She leaned on the rail next to him.
" Father sent a hawk telling Mother what happened." She said. " He's disappointed."
" What else is new?" Jake answered. " I can't do anything to please him."
" He found another one for me." She touched her brothers hand. He looked at her. Into her beautiful green eyes. She looked sad and Jake wanted to ease her sorrow.
" He only wants what's best for us." Seven looked up into the trees.
" He only wants whats best for Eventide." Jake said. " What we want doesn't really matter."
" Your right." She said.
" Hey go change your clothes." He told her. " Help me get me friends back."
Seven smiled at him. She would do anything for her twin.
" I'll be right back." She walked back into the palace to change her gown for leathers of her own. Soon she was back. Hair tied back and ready to go.
" What happened to them this time?" She asked as they rode the current down to the ground.
" Ryel of course." Jake said. " He just won't leave them alone. The minute I'm gone, he's in the kennels."
Seven whistled and two white stallions galloped to them. Jake took the reins from her and climbed on his horse as did Seven.
" Lets go."
Together they rode off into the forest to find his pets. Jake knew right where they would go.

As Rage, Jandar and the others walked through the forest they came upon a shimmering field of light. Jandar knew what it was. So did Rage and Dreik.
" Do you feel that?" Dreik asked Sarah.
" What?" She answered. " I don't feel anything."
" The trees." Dreik said. " There's magic everywhere. Strong magic. Watch."
Dreik raised his hand and a boulder rose off the ground and floated over to him. He jumped on and sat down laughing.
" See!!" He said. " I do this with no effort at all. Come on."
Dreik reached down and helped Sarah up.
" Here we go!!" He said smiling. " Hold on!!"
Holding on to Sarah, Dreik sent the boulder streaking skyward. They did twists and turns laughing all the time. Dreik felt so much power here. Higher they soared,Sarah hair whipping around. Off to his right Dreik looked and saw Jayce flying beside them.
" Rage wants to know if your having fun." He called.
Still laughing Dreik raise his hand to wave.
" Without wings this is how I fly." He said.
" Well he wants you to come down." Jayce said.
" Tell him we'll be down shortly." Dreik said. " We're having to much fun."
Jayce waved and veered off. He knew how Dreik felt. He loved flying and would rather die then lose his wings. Swooping down he landed and told Rage what they said.
" Let them have there fun." Rage walked in front of the others." We go that way."
" That's a Elven barrier." Jandar said. " If we pass through, they will know."
" Can you hide us? Rage asked.
" Not for long." Jandar answered. " A few hours maybe. This whole forest is filled with their magic. Maybe Dreik can help me once he's back but i doubt it will last long."
" Don't bother." Rage told him. " I don't think we will be here long."

It didn't take Jake and Seven long to round up most of the animals. Only two wolves were left. They walked through the forest looking for any sign of them when Jake heard a noise.
" Did you hear that?" Jake asked his sister. " I thought I heard someone call my name."
"So did I." Seven said. They both looked around to see if any other Elves were there. They saw no one. Then they heard it again.
They looked at each other. What could it be? Something was there and calling each of them. Jake walked forward eager to see what it was.
" Wait Jake." She called after him. " You don't now what that is."
" Are you afraid?" He asked.
" No." She said. " I should be, but I'm not. Wait for me."
Together they walked deeper into the trees. Neither sure of what was there, but both curious as to what they would find. Ahead they saw a tree with a large hole in the trunk.
" Somethings in that tree." Seven pointed. " I hear it im my mind. It feels friendly."
" I know. Hold on, I'll see what it is."
Jake walked to the tree and looked in. Something shining was in there. Suddenly out of the sky flew a winged creature. A weird dragon. It roared and flew right for them. Jake reached into the tree opening and grabbed the two large gems. Something in him told him he had to protect them. As the dragon struck, Jake jumped clear clutching the two gems. The horses went wild, bucking and running for home. The smell of the dragon was overpowering. It was the smell of death all around them. This was an unusual dragon. Its feathers mottling and falling out. This dragon was a dead thing. Jake drew his sword to protect his sister. Seven picked up the crossbow and aimed it at the beast. Again it roared,and rearing up. Its blue feathers flaring out, steam pouring from its mouth.
" What do we do?" Seven asked her brother.
" We fight." He said taking a fighting stance.
From out of the skied appeared a huge boulder with two people riding on top of it. As the stone dropped to the ground they jumped off and shouted to them.
" Get behind the tree!!" The woman called. Jake and Seven did as they were told. From behind the tree they looked out at the battle. The two people suddenly changed and where they once stood were two more dragons. But these were different, they seemed alive. There was no foul smell coming from them.
" My God!!!" Jake said.
Both dragons roared at the dead thing. The blue one shot a torrent of water at the feathered dragon that made it fall back. It tried to get up as the green one stomped his foot. Large roots came out of the ground and wound around the legs and neck of the blue feathered dragon. It struggled to get free. Pulling and biting at the roots. But the roots held keeping the dragon in place. Over to the side four people, one with wings came running toward them.
" Hold it Gaia." A man in red said. " So Jandar can examine it."
A man in brown leather came over and a staff appeared in his hand. A mage. The feathered dragon roared again as the mage waved his staff over it. It glowed blue and fell and stopped moving.
" Just as I thought." He said. " It's not alive. It's necromancy. Polan is a necromancer."
" A necromancer combined with a shadow dragon." The red dressed man said looked a little afraid. " What power he must have!!"
" It's not quite dead yet." Jandar said. " Let me try something."
Jandar held his staff over the dead thing and summoned more power for his spell.\


The dragons body began to wither and dissolve into the ground. Then one last roar came from the body and it was gone.
" It said thank you." Rage said. " It's free now."
"Look over there." Jayce said pointing to Jake and Seven. They walked out from behind the trees into the open.
" Come over here." Rage said. Jake and Seven walked over to the group with the eggs.
" Are these yours?" Seven asked.
" Maybe. " Rage said. " Do you know what they are?"
" They say they're ours." Jake said." Are they?'
" If they talked to you ,yes." he said. " Each of you take one. Jake took the topaz like gem and Seven the amethyst. Cracks started to appear in both eggs as they began to hatch, Pieces fell as the dragon's appeared
"They're dragons." Blaze said. " We're all dragons."
" Except these two." Jandar and Jayce raised there hands.
" Yes." They said. "We will"
The dragonet moved onto their chest and started the change. Wings, talons, tails grew. The became identical dragons. But of different colors. One purple the other had an iridescent color shifting from tan through the colors to an easy blue. They roared out there happiness.